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Taiwanese Woman Lost 37kg In Six Months, Shares Inspiring Weight Loss Tips

How many of you have ‘eating healthy’ and ‘exercise’ in your new year’s resolution? Everyone wants to have a good, toned figure but when we don’t see results, we give up on it. Thus not all of us are able to achieve our dream body easily.

However, this 33-year-old woman is an inspiring role model as she managed to lose 30kg in just 122 days in April 2018. So far, she has lost 37kg within a six-month period.

Source: ET Today

This inspiring woman is none other than a Taiwanese artiste known as Karen Hu or by her stage name, Xiao Zhen who had been battling polycystic ovary syndrome by taking steroids.

The steroids and sickness had caused her to gain as much as 20kg in six months previously and her father wanted her to get healthy again.

Source: ET Today

It is learned that he would give her 38,000 TWD (RM5,021) to motivate her to get back into shape and she accepted the challenge. The mother of one then decided to start working out and gradually, the weight began decreasing!

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Source: Facebook

Karen managed to get her slim and fit body back again by just doing regular workouts and controlling her diet.

She shared progress pictures on social media and this prompted many of her followers to ask her for some tips. She shared three main points which she followed strictly:

1. Stop drinking alcohol

2. Stop eating spicy food

3. Exercise regularly

Karen then shared that one has to follow the 90% exercise and 10% diet ratio in order to get fit.

“Although at first it was really difficult for me to stop (over) eating, after 21 days of persevering, it became a habit. We should also eat slowly as the brain takes time to process that you are full.”

Source: Facebook

She also added that she had reduced her portion sizes and now only eats 1/3 of her usual serving. She shared that she would eat her good starting with the vegetables, followed by meat and then she’ll only eat starch at noon.

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However, she refused to touch starch at night so that it would not affect her diet. She said that she did not follow any particular diet plan but would be more picky about her food she eats.

Karen said working out regularly helps increase her metabolism and build her muscles.

“I did not lose as much weight as I thought but because I have more muscles, I looked more toned in front of the camera so it’s better.”

Source: Facebook

Congratulations Karen and keep up the good work! Anyone who wants to heed Karen’s #fitspo advice to get a leaner and toned body can follow her social media!

Stay healthy and eat clean!

(Source: United Daily News)

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