Tattoo Enthusiasts Beware!! Freaky Tattoo Infections Photos Shared On Social Media And Netizens Are Freaked Out!! - The Coverage

Tattoo Enthusiasts Beware!! Freaky Tattoo Infections Photos Shared On Social Media And Netizens Are Freaked Out!!

People, I know getting a tattoo is cool and nice but it is serious business, it is going to stay on your body for life and you need to get touch ups and maybe at some point of your life, you would think of removing the tattoo.

Those are not the only factors you got to worry about, you need to also think about the quality of the tattoo artist’s work and if they can give you what you want. Do not forget about the hygiene as well, hygiene is the most important when it comes to needles pricking into your skin releasing ink!

When getting a tattoo, there is a certain limit you cannot cross! You should not tattoo the same part multiple times as it would irritate the skin and cause infection! Some people are even allergic to the ink, so you need to do a ton of research before getting a tattoo!

Same goes for laser treatment to remove tattoo too, you also cannot laser the same spot for multiple times. It is a gradual procedure, you cannot rush its process.

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A Facebook page called 沙巴人情味 shared pictures of a man’s arm tattoo infections.

Source: 沙巴人情味 Facebook

Some commenters were saying that these were caused by ink infection or maybe the needle isn’t clean, but others claim that this is a laser tattoo removal.

Source: 沙巴人情味 Facebook

Some people would attempt to buy their own tattoo machine or the laser tattoo removal machine to do it at home, you shouldn’t be doing such things, tattoos need to be handled by professionals! There is a reason why tattooing is expensive, professionals produce tattoos with quality and take precaution on everything, do not choose the cheaper route as they may not be as clean as professional tattoo parlors.

Source: 沙巴人情味 Facebook

So guys, if you’re planning to get a tattoo, don’t do it so fast! Put a lot of thoughts, think quadruple times, and do a lot of research before getting one, because it WILL last forever, and when you didn’t do any touch-up, it’s going to be blue-ish black and it’s very ugly. Tattoos not only are painful when you get them, but it is a lifelong commitment.

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