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Thai Massage Parlor Charged Woman Half Price For The Service After Breaking Her Leg

I guess it’s understandable now why some people fear traditional Thai massage, because of all the pulling and the bone cracking a Thai woman’s leg was broken in a massage parlor recently.

Pimyanee Thanyawongsakul, 59, who has osteoporosis, was sent to the hospital after the incident and her daughter, Saranya, has filed a complaint against the masseur and demanded that he take responsibility.

Pimyanee is now waiting for her leg surgery that is scheduled for next Monday.

The masseur, Nathanapop Klachingchai, 50, owner of the unnamed massage parlor claimed that Pimyanee did not mention she had osteoporosis, only that she had survived cancer. Otherwise, he would have refused to treat her.

What’s shocking is that even after breaking her leg, the massage parlor owner still demanded a THB700 (RM89), ‘teacher worshipping fee’ instead of the full price of THB1,360 (RM173).

To the Thais ‘teacher worshipping fees’ is collected by those who offer superstitious or traditional services such as Thai massage and fortune telling, the fee can’t be waived.

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However, Nathanapop said he’s willing to sell his motorcycle to help pay for Pimyanee’s surgery, which will cost about THB 30,000 (RM3,815).

According to Coconuts, unfortunately for Nathanapop, he has been charged for not having a permit to run a health business and he is facing up to one year in jail and a THB60,000 (RM7,630) fine.

Maybe the woman herself doesn’t know how fragile her bones were and was feeling uncomfortable and just wanted a massage. Because just like me, I love getting my bones cracked, it really relieves the muscles and tension around the area. So maybe this lady was just like me who wanted to just relieve the pain in her legs. Who knew that this would happen? 

What do you think of the incident?

(Source: Coconuts)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Prewett

    July 15, 2017 at 11:40

    I’m a big guy … and a local Thai gentleman that specializes in therapeutic massage (locally very popular) pushed down on my leg hard enough to make me holler uncle ! …. and declare then and there that leg was just fine !

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