www.SugarBook.com, A New Platform To Register To Become A Sugar Daddy Or A Sugar Baby, Woah! - The Coverage

www.SugarBook.com, A New Platform To Register To Become A Sugar Daddy Or A Sugar Baby, Woah!

If you’re on Instagram, like every normal person, you’ll see all these young and beautiful girls flaunting their lavish lifestyle – Hermés, Manolos , sailing in the Mediterranean or vacations in Positano – You’ve got to admit that you’re a little envious, aren’t you?

How do these girls afford that life?!

The first thing that comes to mind is, these girls are definitely Sugar Babies and we believe most of us are familiar with the terminology.

Older men and younger women relationship is not uncommon and even the older women and younger men – take the French Prime Minister and his wife. Sugar Dating isn’t considered a relatively new phenomenon but the trend is on the rise especially in times of financial difficulty.

What exactly are Sugar Babies? Are they escorts? Companions? Or are they just hot and young girls looking to monetize their youth and beauty?

Out of curiosity, we googled for ‘Sugar Baby Malaysia’. The first link that popped up on our page was ‘#1 Sugar Baby Dating in Asia-TheSugarBook.com’. We were shook. I mean, we know online dating or apps are very common because there are Tinder, OkCupid, Paktor and so on.

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But a specific Sugar Dating website? That’s new. We assumed its something similar to Linkedin, but for mutually beneficial romantic relationships.

So being a “busybody” a friend of ours signed up for an account on www.SugarBook.com. In less than 3 minutes, she was officially a Sugar Baby. She was also kind off excited. What was interesting was you would expect dirty old men but actually, no, some of the guys are only in their thirties and are quite handsome! No Chuando tho, damn.

Source: www.SugarBook.com

We decided to write a story about her experience of using the website. She shared that, to channel her inner Sugar Baby, she used the moniker, ‘Kinkybae’ and within an hour, she received 5 messages and more than 10 profile views. 3 out of 5 messages started with offers like ‘Hey, beautiful. Want to go for dinner at Nadodi?’ or ‘How much would you want for your allowance?’.

So odd, right? Because usually on Tinder, you get ‘DTF?’ from younger boys.

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She also said that she spoke with several potential Sugar Daddies and realized that the aspects of Sugar Dating is actually pretty straightforward. Communication is everything. Everything is out in the open and the conversations are very upfront and honest.

One Sugar Daddy by the username DrLove78 from Singapore, was going to be in KL for a work conference over a weekend and wanted a dinner companion because in his own words, ‘he didn’t want to be surrounded by corporate people all day to night and just wants to have dinner with no strings attached’. He was witty and funny during our online chats.

Source: SugarBook.com

She even showed us his picture, and we  were surprised that he actually looked really dashing in his photos and so she tried searching him up on Linkedin and he is who he says he is!

If it was you, would you go? What do you think of this Sugar Babies website? Have you tried it?

MUST READ  "I Only Changed My Religion, Not My Race"

Checkout out this interesting video and you’ll understand it more:

Rojak Daily Highlights – The Sugar Babies of Malaysia

Rojak Daily takes a look at the private lives of sugar babies in Malaysia. In this episode of Highlights, we spoke to two sugar babies that found sugar daddies through a site called The SugarBook and asked them about 'sugaring' and what life is like for them.

Posted by Rojak Daily on Friday, 28 July 2017



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