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    Man Arrested For Molesting Woman On SIA Flight Claimed He ‘Didn’t Know The Laws Of Singapore’

    Oh my goodness! What sort of excuse is that? A woman that was asleep on a Singapore Airlines flight (SIA) was molested,...

  • 6.8K

    After Successfully Scamming RM20 Million Last Year, This Malaysian Con-Woman Is Back For More

    Everything comes with a price, nothing comes free in this world and when something is too good to be true, you better...

  • 54.5K

    25-Year-Old Solo Traveler Raped And Killed In First Country She Visited

    Traveling around the world is fun, there are also people who want to travel the world by themselves to unwind, becoming solo...

  • 35.8K

    Former KLIA Official Exposes How Multiple VIP Politicians Smuggle Cash Into Malaysia Using Private Jets All The Time- RM42 Million Was Brought In Related To Najib

    Never would we have thought politicians can do this, well, just because they’re VIPs doesn’t mean they won’t commit crime, right? According...

  • 23.7K

    Shocking : Criminal Syndicate Sells Fake Malaysian Passport To Smuggle People Into Australia – Fake Identity Which Will Only Cost Them As Little As RM3,849!

    Australia is a beautiful country to travel to and thanks to our good diplomatic relationship with Australia, Malaysians get to visit the...

  • 15.8K

    You Need To Apply For Electronic Arrival Cards Before Traveling To Singapore Starting October 4

    In case you didn’t know, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore (ICA) just released a statement saying that they are launching a...

  • 11.3K

    Malaysian Couple Allegedly Suffers Severe Bedbug Bites After Taking Express Bus To Melaka

    You’d thought companies would learn from example or mistakes, but sadly this is one of the companies that are still ignorant. Last...

  • 9.0K

    Dozens Of Men May Have Been Infected With HIV By Thai Prostitute Who Was Arrested In Taiwan

    Oh my goodness, fun time turned to hard times, eh? Guys, be careful of who you decide to spend the night with!...

  • 6.1K

    3-Year-Old Boy Stuck Inside Coin-Operated Washing Machine After His Uncle Put Him There

    This is horrible! How can anyone ever think of doing something stupid like this? A three-year-old boy was allegedly left inside a...

  • 28.1K

    Colombian Island Resort Offers 30 Guests Unlimited Drugs, Alcohol, And Sex With 60 Prostitutes

    You may or may not have heard of this upcoming X-rated holiday for 4 days and 3 nights on a private island...

  • 9.9K

    Malaysians Are Finding It Harder To Enter Australia Because Of Visa Abuse

    If you didn’t know, a report in June revealed that more than 64,000 people overstayed their visas in Australia, with Malaysians making...

  • 23.8K

    Singapore Womanizer 5-Timed Girl He Met On Tinder With 3 Other Girls And 1 Guy

    Every mother should teach their son to respect women from young and never play with their hearts or feelings. Girls are capable...

  • 5.1K

    Malaysian DJ Rachel B Puts Syndicate On Blast For Attempting To Scam Her For Filming A Scandal Video With Another Guy

    Scamming syndicates are getting craftier as time progresses. Luckily, Malaysian DJ Rachel B saw through their lies and acted fast enough before...

  • 9.6K

    China Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant Fired After Accepting BF’s Romantic In-Flight Wedding Proposal – She Was Immediately Terminated From Her Job

    Many girls dream of having a magical marriage proposal from their man, as it is very romantic and only happens once in...

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