American Woman Arrested In Japan For Throwing Away 100 Bullets In Airport Trashcan - The Coverage

American Woman Arrested In Japan For Throwing Away 100 Bullets In Airport Trashcan

It was reported that the local authorities in Japan have recently arrested an elderly woman for dumping a pile of bullets in a trash bin at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

The unnamed woman who appears to be in her 60s landed at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on July 4 along with her husband, the couple went through immigration before making their way to the departure lobby to kill time before their connecting flight to their ultimate unidentified destination in Southeast Asia which was scheduled to leave later that evening.

Airport CCTV footage was reportedly analyzed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police after airport staff discovered 100 rounds of .22 caliber handgun ammunition inside a trash can in Haneda International Terminal at around 3.50 pm.

Upon investigation, the bullets were found to be disposed of there by the elderly woman who later admitted to the act upon being questioned by authorities. The disposal of bullets is considered a crime within Japan’s strict anti-gun laws.

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She explained that she had unknowingly brought the bullets from America, having forgotten to remove them fro her bag and not noticing them until after arriving in Japan.

The woman is currently being held on suspicion of violating Japan’s Swords and Firearms Control Law, though no formal announcement has been made of the authorities moving forward with prosecution.

The police are also launching an investigation into how the contraband slipped by immigration and customs officials.

This goes to show that you should make sure to not only charge your phone and grabbing your passport before going to the airport but also making sure you haven’t inadvertently packed any massive supplies of bullets. In any case, always double and triple check your hand carry and luggage before traveling to another country, also do your research on their laws and restriction to stay out of trouble!

(Source: Next Shark, SoraNews24)



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