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Discover Hidden Gems In Malaysia And Cure Your Wanderlust!

Ever felt like taking a break and going on a vacation but don’t want to dry out your bank? When you’ve been working your a** off for months, you definitely should take a short break, maybe over the weekend, you could travel to discover these hidden gems in Malaysia that you probably didn’t know you can travel to before today!

You could take pictures at these breathtaking Malaysian destinations and make your friends get jealous!!

1. Balik Pulau, Penang
If you would like to get away from the city life and enjoy a rejuvenating village vacation, Balik Pulau is the secret back garden of Penang, filled with durian farms, one of our national fruit and the village certainly has more to offer!

Wander around the vilage and visit a dairy goat farm, or a countryside horse stable and there’s even a nutmeg factory! If you’re up to try traditional Hakka dishes, head over to the Hakka Village and enjoy a killer bowl of Penang Laksa!

2. Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Every Malaysian knows Cameron Highland, it’s not something hidden. It is well known for its tea plantation and fresh produce, but did you know you can have a private picnic session with your significant other or loved ones amidst the Cameron mountains and greenery? They have many selections of scrumptious snacks and adorable pastries you can feed your stomach and your camera too!

If you are not a picnic type of person, then how about a strawberry spa treatment? Soak in a bathtub filled with warm strawberry tea and after that, your body will be exfoliated and wrapped in mushy strawberries and crushed oatmeals. Lastly, indulge yourself with an hour-long strawberry oil massage. Just think about strawberries makes me hungry.

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3. Gem Island, Terengganu
Gem Island or Pulau Gemia is a privately owned island off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is indeed a gem with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, beautiful coral reefs, and fascinating marine life. You can start singing all the Moana songs you know of here!

Neighboring islands such as Pulau Redang or Lang Tengah are tourists attractions so overwhelming crowd is the last thing you need to worry about! So kick your sandals or shoes back and bury your feet in the waters at Gem Island! Do not worry about accommodation, there is only one resort on the island!

4. Kanching Recreational Forest, Rawang, Selangor
Go for a hike at the Kanching Recreational Forest and reward yourself with the seven tiered waterfalls! Wash away your stress with cooling water that is so cold you could actually chill your drinks in the water! After you washed up, have a picnic amidst the forest, note that barbecue pits are available on the fifth and sixth tier of the waterfalls, but it is on first come first served basis so make sure you are early to secure one of the pit or you will need to build your own on the ground!

5. Lake Kenyir, Terengganu
Have you every wanted to experience staying in a boathouse? You can now at Lake Kenyir! You can choose from the traditional boathouses or the slightly modern floating houses at Lake Kenyir. If you’re into fishing, you can join the local fishermen for a fishing trip, if you’re not then you can enjoy the breathtaking view around the lake as you sip your tea and munch on some homemade fish snacks on the balcony.

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Those who wish to stay longer on the lake, you can also book a floating chalet for overnighting, because the sunrise in the morning is amazing!!

6. Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan
This place is a star player in the East Coast tourism industry for their fun and scenic place to laze on a weekend with friends and family. You could sunbathe, do water sports and kite-flying as well on this beach, you don’t even need to prepare any picnic food because there are plenty of food stalls lining up like a night market right on the beach.

7. Sasaran, Kuala Selangor
Remember those pictures you see on social media where you see people on beach or water platform and there is a reflection of themself on the water? We have something similar to the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (the world’s largest mirror) right here in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia.

Before Sasaran hit the social media by local media and travel bloggers, it is the best-kept secret in the area, only known to the nearby villagers. Bring your camera when you visit you do not want to miss this breathtaking shot and do so before tourist flood the area.

8. Semenyih, Selangor
Hiking the Broga Hill is something many Malaysians love to do, even over the weekend we have many friends hiking the hill. But you really need to try the famous ikan bakar or grilled fish!

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Best time to start hiking would be around 6.15 am so that when you reach the top you can catch the gorgeous sunrise, you can end the hike by 8 am and then make your way to the Chinese temple are to kill time until the restaurant opens at 10 am. There is a drawbridge, a small park and a few stalls selling fresh fruits and local kuihs.

9. Sungai Lima, Pulau Ketam, Selangor
Escape your busy city and your social media in Sungai Lima doing literally nothing. Enjoy the serene natural beauty of Sungai Lima while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the dock, and grab some traditional snacks from the neighborhood stalls. Remember lazy people are smart people, but please don’t purposely become lazy okay!

10. Teluk Senangin, Perak
Many did not know but Teluk Senangin is a popular family outing spot among the locals, you can sit back and relax with the unsurpassed ocean view and the soothing sea breeze while your little ones enjoy and educate themselves at the nearby Turtle Conservation and Information Center. You can also rent a boat from the villagers and go on a fishing trip.

Later in the evening, the whole family can head to Pantai Remis, about 10 minutes away from Teluk Senangin to taste the freshest seafood that you would find nowhere else. A perfect weekend plan to nurture the parent-child bond without getting too much of planning, energy, and money involved.

I hope these 10 hidden gems in Malaysia can inspire and cure your wanderlust, now take your pick and pack your bags!

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