Man Calls Passenger Out For Shamelessly 'Upgrading' Seat On Her Own And Bullying Flight Attendants - The Coverage

Man Calls Passenger Out For Shamelessly ‘Upgrading’ Seat On Her Own And Bullying Flight Attendants

It is sad to see that there are still some people who act selfishly like children even though they’re old enough to think for themselves. Just like this woman who was onboard an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

Bruce Lam took to Facebook on March 27, to share his encounter with an unreasonable woman on the plane. He wrote in his post that a friend had gotten him and his two companions AirAsia X Premium Class seats for their journey.

Source: NST

However, just as the plane was about to take off, a middle-aged woman left her seat at economy class and lay down on the unoccupied premium class seats behind Bruce.

According to Bruce, a flight attendant promptly advised the woman to go back to her own seat. She then questioned him:


The air steward explained that the passengers on the premium class seats had forked out extra money for them, and she could book the seats for her next flight if she wanted to.

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Source: Facebook

After four to five minutes of a verbal tussle, the woman finally returned to her own seat.

However, moments after the plane took off, the woman once again occupied the seats behind Bruce, which prompted the flight attendant to ask her to return to her seat again.

The woman insisted on staying and the flight attendant was forced to explain why she could not take the seats again. Similar to the first time, the exchange lasted another four to five minutes before she finally agreed to move back to her allocated seat.

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Bruce said,

“A few minutes later, the woman returned to the seats behind me again for the third time. She lay down and started playing with her phone.

“This time, an air stewardess came to her and requested that she return to her seat. The stewardess told her it wouldn’t be fair to other passengers if she could ‘upgrade’ her seat by herself, while others could not.”

However, the woman started yelling and making a scene, refusing to leave.

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Bruce continued,

“I’m not sure if it was the stewardess being so polite and nice, but the auntie’s attitude became worse.”

Unable to tolerate the woman’s boorish behavior and incessant rants, Bruce finally stood up and shouted at her in Cantonese:

“Just return to your seat. You’re too old to be acting like this. Once, twice, thrice, they asked you. Aren’t you ashamed at all?”

Shockingly, the woman retorted:

“That’s none of your business.”

Another verbal spat ensued, and the woman finally relinquished the seats.

The female flight attendant gave a cup of mineral water to Bruce as a gratitude for standing up for her and her crew. However, noticing that both of Bruce’s companions looking at the cup, she returned later with two more cups for them.

Source: Facebook

He ended his post with,

“Some people will only take advantage of you if you try to be nice to them, you have to be prepared to use harsher language.”

What’s shocking is that a friend told him that the same auntie had attempted to cut the boarding queue and sneezed without covering her mouth, spraying snot over other passengers.

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Eww, woman have you no manners?

Watch the video below, let us know what you think!


(Source: Stomp / Facebook)

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1 Comment

  1. Terence

    April 5, 2018 at 03:42

    If that was what actually happened, well, what can you say? Idiots are idiots and that is why you call them idiots.

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