[OMG] Indian Man Thought It Was A Good Idea To Open The Emergency Door Of A Plane In Midair - The Coverage

[OMG] Indian Man Thought It Was A Good Idea To Open The Emergency Door Of A Plane In Midair

Talk about unruly passengers on flights, we encountered many stories about people who can’t wait to descend the plane or finding the toilet and opening the emergency exit door. What we can’t grasp is that how come these people don’t understand the safety guidelines that the flight crew has already explained?

Recently, an Indian man onboard a flight from New Delhi to Ranchi caused quite a commotion inside a packed AirAsia flight on Monday, July 10. He tried to open the plane’s emergency exit door while in midair.

It was reported that crew members and several passengers sustained minor injuries after they rushed to restrain 32-year-old Aftab Ahmed as the plane was preparing to make its descent at Birsa Munda Airport.

According to Next Shark, Aftab was briefly detained before he was handed over to Central Indian Security Force (CISF) in Ranchi, India for further investigation.

An AirAsia representative said in a statement,

“AirAsia would like to confirm that the airline encountered an unruly passenger onboard (a) flight… from New Delhi to Ranchi on July 10.”

Press Trust of India identified Aftab as a resident of Ranchi but did not indicate what type of penalty the misbehaving passenger will be facing. The report reads:

“A man tried to open the emergency door… minutes before landing.

“He also allegedly injured a few passengers and crew members when they attempted to stop him.”

No one knows what his motivation to open the emergency door. Incidentally, Aftab’s actions happen just a few months after India announced its plans of creating a national no-fly list of unruly passengers. Way to go to add your name to the list!

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Unruly behavior in three categories may get passengers banned from flights as proposed by the civil aviation ministry: lewd comments and sexual harassment, murderous assault, and damaging aircraft.

I don’t know what’s up with people who just can’t wait until the plane comes to a complete stop before descending the plane, causing other lives to be in danger. Where are you rushing to that you have to get off the plane midair? Now that you’ve been detained, was it worth it?

(Source: Next Shark)

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