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Two Malaysians Denied Entry At Thailand Checkpoint For Bringing Insufficient Money

Many of us have traveled in and out of Thailand with no problem, and usually, if we didn’t bring enough money, we either use our credit card or withdraw more money, right?

But did you know that there’s a minimum amount of cash you need to bring when entering Thailand? Normally, when we cross the border, we never got asked to show the amount of money we bring with us, but Amy Yee shared her experience of being denied entry into Thailand just because she didn’t bring enough money.

Amy and her friend allegedly drove to Bukit Kayu Hitam checkpoint to enter Thailand where an immigration officer at Danok checkpoint stopped them and asked to see how much cash they were carrying at that moment.

Source: Aik Kian Photography

Both of them took out 15,000 baht each, which they have exchanged with RM2,000 in Malaysia before traveling there. However, the amount was unsatisfactory to the officer even though the minimum requirement was set at 10,000 baht (RM1,270) for visitors without Visa. Wait, what?!

The two were still denied entry even after they displayed all their credit and debit cards.

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A Chinese tour guide who was at the scene reportedly spoke to the officer in Thai but to no avail. The officer strictly wouldn’t let them through unless they have sufficient amount of cash with them.

Amy and her friend had to turn back to Bukit Kayu Hitam to withdraw more money to top up the balance. Luckily, they managed to enter Thailand after showing the officer their cash.

Netizens were dumbfounded by the viral news as some claimed they’ve never encountered such situation before. Neither did I!

Source: China Press

One netizen commented,

“I’ve been to Thailand so many times but I’ve never been asked to show my cash to the officer. I guess I just get lucky every time.”

However, this law actually exists since a long time ago, but it hasn’t been strictly enforced. The amount of money you need to carry per person depends on your type of Visa.

  • Transit Visa holder – minimum THB 10,000 per passenger or THB 20,000 per family
  • Tourist Visa holder – minimum THB 20,000 per passenger or THB 40,000 per family
  • Visa on Arrival – minimum THB 10,000 per passenger or THB 20,000 per family
  • Non-Immigrant Visa holder – minimum THB 20,000 per passenger or THB 40,000 per family
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Source: Business Times

I can somewhat understand the officer’s standpoint for making sure the visitors brought sufficient money, just in case they get lost or they need to get medical help. Also, they’re trying to reduce the number of foreigners panhandling in Thailand.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure you bring enough cash when you visit Thailand! 

What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us!

(Source: China Press / WOB)

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1 Comment

  1. Ajin

    January 29, 2018 at 19:56

    due to insufficient funds denied entry in thailand, last week can i re-enter the same visa is possible

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