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What Watches Are The Most Powerful CEOs In The World Wearing? Here Is The Answer

Unlike women’s fashion, men’s clothing don’t say much about their personality. Typically, men have only two ways of expressing themselves: through their car and through their wrist watch.  It has been the showpiece of men’s fashion since it was invented over 200 years ago. Because let’s just be honest, it is  impossible for men to wear their car to the office.

Here’s a list of watches worn by the 9 most powerful men in business, according to Business Insider. As expected, some of the watches are super expensive. A few of them are shockingly cheap!

#1 Anthony Scaramucci, formerly of SkyBridge Capital

Anthony Scaramucci is the founder of global investment firm SkyBridge Capital which he started in 2005. He served as co-managing partner before he sold the company in early 2017. The reason? In January he was tapped to become the Assistant to President Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus called to tell him he should pull out of consideration.

On his wrist: Breitling Avenger – $5,835

He may not have gotten the appointment but he still has his luxury watch! Scaramucci has been seen wearing the Breitling Avenger which sells for about $5,835. He was sporting it during the World Economic Forum.

 #2 Clifford Asness, AQR Capital

Clifford Asness co-founded AQR Capital Management in 1998. Based out of Connecticut, the firm manages a staggering $180.6 billion dollars as of December 31, 2016. It was based on the work he did at Goldman Sachs when he founded the Goldman Sachs Global Alpha Fund which was one of the first funds to use computer algorithms to buy and sell.

On his wrist: Patek Phillippe Perpetual Calendar – $41,500


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Asness has spared no expense and has been caught wearing a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar. This watch will run you a staggering amount for a pre-owned watch of about $41,500.

#3 Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway

Let’s start off with a legend. Warren Buffet is known as the Oracle, Sage, or Wizard of Omaha and is arguably one of the most successful investors in the world. He’s the second wealthiest person with a total net worth of $75.6 billion and is the chairman and largest shareholder of his diversified holding company Berkshire Hathaway since 1970.

On his wrist: Rolex Day Date President – $34,050

Despite being one of the wealthiest people on the planet, Buffet is known for his personal frugality. The one area that his penny-pinching doesn’t apply, however, is on his wrist. He wears a Rolex Day Date President which retails for $34,050.

#4 James Gorman, Morgan Stanley

Born in Australia, James P. Gorman joined Morgan Stanley in February 2006 as President and COO of the Global Wealth Management Group before climbing the ranks to become Chairman and CEO in 2009. There he led a merger with Smith Barney which employs 16,000 financial advisors, oversees $1.8 trillion in assets, and is one of the largest wealth management platform in the world.

On his wrist: Rolex Daytona – $12,198.99

Gorman has been caught wearing plenty of watches over the years. Recently he was seen wearing a Rolex Daytona which you can buy on Amazon for the low, low price of $12,198.99.

#5 Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates

Investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist Ray Dalio is the founder of the investment firm Bridgewater Associates which currently manages $104 billion in assets. As head of one of the world’s largest hedge funds, he has amassed a fortune of $16.8 billion placing him at the 30th richest person in America.

On his wrist: Apple Watch – $269

With that much wealth Dalio can buy whatever watch he wants on the planet. But recently he was seen sporting something a bit cheaper than most people on this list: an Apple Watch.

#6 Stephen A. Schwarzman, Blackstone Group

Chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group, Stephen A. Schwarzman is an investor, private equity manager, and philanthropist. He attended Yale University and is part of the undergraduate senior secret society the Skull and Bones. Schwarzman has generated a fortune of $10.2 billion and now chairs President Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.

On his wrist: Swatch Sistem51 – $150

Although Schwarzman’s fortune gives him carte blanche to buy anything he wants, the CEO seems to stick to a flip phone and wears affordable Swatches like the Sistem51 which goes for about $150 a piece.

#7 David Solomon, Goldman Sachs

David Solomon joined Goldman Sachs as a partner in 1999 before becoming the Global Head of the Financing Group. From 2006 to 106 he was Co-Head of the Investment Banking Division and has now succeeded Gary Cohn to become co-COO of Goldman Sachs with Harvey Schwartz.

On his wrist: Shinola Runwell Chronograph – $750

Solomon doesn’t wear anything too fancy. He has been previously photographed wearing a Shinola Runwell Chronograph which retails for a modest $750.

#8 Sergio Ermotti, UBS

Sergio Ermotti has had a long career from Citibank to Merrill Lynch to UniCredit to president of Darwin Airline. In 2011, the Swiss-born banker appointed Group CEO of UBS in Switzerland. The company was restructured UBS Group AG but Ermotti retained his place as Chief Executive Officer and he has been called the most successful manager of a company listed on the Swiss Market Index.

On his wrist: Rolex Daytona – $13,995

Being from Switzerland it should come as no surprise that Ermotti sports a Swiss watch. The CEO of UBSGroup AG has been caught wearing a Rolex Daytona which can be purchased used for about $13,995.

#9 Larry Fink, Blackrock

Larry Fink became the Director and CEO of BlackRock after co-founding it in 1988. Originally built under the corporate umbrella of The Blackstone Group, it split away in 1994 with Fink retaining his positions. After a series of mergers and purchases, BlackRock now has over $5 trillion under management making it the largest money-management firm in the world by assets under management.

On his wrist: Tag Heuer Grand Carrera – $4,657

It’s not really certain what watches Fink wears but a good bet is that he wears a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera. This wrist-watch regularly sells for over $4,600.

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