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    The Coverage’s July 2017 Pick: Cheryl Loo – The Beautiful Blogger-Model

    20-year-old Cheryl Loo is a student, blogger and a stunning model! This busy bee enjoys meeting people from all walks of life...

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    The Coverage’s May 2017 Pick: Cheryl Geh – A Rebellious Penangite Beauty!!!

    May’s Coverage Babe is graced by the beautiful Cheryl Geh. The 21-year-old hails from Penang- a place where she calls her comfort...

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    Syed Saddiq Criticized For Wearing Sports Attire Showing Off Aurat

    It has been a week since the full list of Malaysia Cabinet under the leadership of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has been...

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    Man’s Ex-Girlfriend Rejects RM1.2 Million ‘Break-Up Fee’ Saying It’s Too Little

    “Free things, who don’t want?” – This thought is very common among us Malaysians, we just love free stuff. When your ex-lover...

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    [VIDEO] Malaysia College Students Are Forced To Eat Only A Serving Of Plain White Rice Covered In Gravy Due To The Economy Pinch

    I guess it’s safe to say that not only working adults are feeling the pinch of the current economy, even the college...

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    Singaporean Pageant Winner Stripped Of Title After Nude Photos Leak Online

    Reputation and public image are very important to all beauty pageant queens and participants because the whole world is watching you during...

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    Girl’s Sudden Change Of Schedule Resulted In Her Death After She Went Out Drinking With New Friends

    Traveling is one of the greatest ways to enjoy life, some would also add consuming alcohol while traveling to spice up the...

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    Realistic New Year’s Resolution: Take Out RM1s and RM5s in Your Wallet As Saving Everyday

    When we were kids, one of the earliest virtues our parents had taught us is to learn how to save money. Back...

  • reddit-man-recounts-his-life-regets-at-youth reddit-man-recounts-his-life-regets-at-youth

    Man Pain-Heartedly Recounts His Regrets and Decisions He Made at Youth; A Worthy Lesson for All Millennials

    Humans are emotional beings. You can try as hard as you can to be rational, but ten, twenty or thirty years down...

  • kuro-yuki-amateur-cosplayer-harass-by-man kuro-yuki-amateur-cosplayer-harass-by-man

    Malaysia’s Hilarious Inbox Harassment With Superb Misspelling Skills Will Give You a Good Laugh!

    We apologize if we look at this as a comedic masterpiece when harassment is no laughing matter, but hear us out. This...

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    Global Survey Reveals Malaysians the Oldest to Lose Virginity and Among the Least Sexual Satisfied Country

    This is something our parents would be proud of but we lament about, the enduring age before losing virginity. In Durex 2012...

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    Malaysians Youth Age 21 and Below Should Have a 10PM Curfew – Not Be Allowed To Leave Their Homes From 10pm to 5am

    Everybody becomes Cinderella and listen to Fairy Godmother, because playing within a boundary can be fun too. During Wanita Umno general assembly on...

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    Malaysian Youth Open Letter To Johor Sultan To ‘De-Throne’ Najib Goes Viral Open

    Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak has never been in a tighter spot than he is today. Netizens from nearly every corner of...

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    Natural-Beauty Teen Undergoes 30 Plastic Surgery Procedures to Satisfy Boyfriend; Regrets at 22-Year-Old

    “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” Did you know the famous saying came from Helena Rubinstein, a cosmetics entrepreneur that...

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