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10 Funniest Reasons Given To Ban Banglasia

Long story short, the reasons are worse than the one you give as a kid, to your teacher when you did not finish your homework on time.

As much as I wished it is, this is not a satire piece but actual reasons given to NameWee, why they think Banglasia was inappropriate for the Malaysian audience, and thus will not be allowed to screen in Malaysian cinemas.

Long story short, the reasons are worse than the one you give as a kid, to your teacher when you did not finish your homework on time.

If you didn’t know, NameWee and friends came up with a movie titled Banglasia back in 2013, and was scheduled for release during Chinese New Year in 2014. According to NameWee the movie was sent for approval from FINAS before production began, but was banned by the Censorship board after the movie was completed.


The movie cost RM3.5 million to produce and is an obvious financial sabotage. Skim through the top 10 funniest reasons, and you will see why:


1. Street Gunfights Are Not Allowed As They Portray Malaysia As A Dangerous Country

I think someone wrongfully marked this piece as a documentary instead of a comedy. Let me explain how ridiculous this is – its an action comedy set in a modern age, with a bloody invasion (by the luk-luk army) as a main plot-line! What are they supposed to be invading us if not guns, meatballs in sticks is it?


What about Keris ?

Even cartoons have people running around in guns, and let’s not forget a local crime thriller Polis EVO. That one don’t have gun and street gunfights meh, I don’t believe!

 2. Too Many Immigrants In A Few Scenes Give The Wrong Impression Of Malaysia


Let me clarify – the movie is shot in Chinatown or Petaling Street, and the nearby locations. Either they have not been there for the past 10 years or can’t tell locals and migrants apart, because if you go to Petaling Street or Kotaraya these days, all you see are migrants shopping and tending to the stalls. In fact there are so many of them, that you think you are in the wrong country! So that representation is pretty accurate if you ask me.

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Additionally, look at most western movies and you will realized most other ethnics are seriously misrepresented. The running gag is that there is only one Black guy, and he is usually the first to die. Banglasia is a total opposite where the try to cast Malaysia as a multiracial country, with multiple languages – tell me where got not accurate?


Representation of the True Malaysian ?

Seriously, the government even announced that they are expecting an additional 1.5 million foreign workers. So if Malaysia only has less than 30 million people, that would make Bangladeshi on their way to becoming the third biggest race in Malaysia (Indians are at 8%)! Like that also not accurate?

 3. “Selamatkan Malaysia” Tshirt Shows That Malaysia Is In Danger And Needs Saving


It’s a FICTITIOUS movie about Malaysia being invaded by the luk-luk (a parody of Suluk) army, if we are being invaded – of course we need to be saved, right? I know Malaysians are warm to foreigners, but when you can’t expect us to wear a tshirt that says ‘Selamat Datang, Sila Hancurkan Malaysia’, when we are being invaded right? RIGHT?


More than not, the tshirt is a small detail in the movie, and would have been interpreted as a patriotic message instead. Now, looking at the recent rallies (that happens in REAL LIFE) with people wearing tshirts that calls for Malays to be bathed in the bloods of Chinese, WHY THE F*** are these not banned, if not outright caught for instigating racial disharmony? I am really beginning to get confused here.


Never Ban ?

4. Bangladesh’s Flag Design Is A Little Too Close To PAS’s Party Flag


How to fix this one, send an envoy to request Bangladesh to change their flag design, because they are too similar to PAS is it? While you are at it might as well ask Japan to change their flag or risk being banned all over the place, because you are afraid that our feelings will be hurt!

Should Also Be Ban ?

Should Also Be Ban ?

This is easily the most ridiculous example of them all, reminding us that something else is really in play here…

What about this ?

What about this ?

5. Banglasia Title


What the hell is wrong with the problem? It’s a story about a Bangladeshi living in Malaysia, who end up saving Malaysia from the Luk-luk Army’s invasion. Bangladeshi + Malaysia = Banglasia! Plus, I personally think this is even pretty catchy, if movie title not catchy who wanna watch? Business leh brother.

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What We Think


Now that we have the reasons, this is what we think. This is where our satire begins, so anything beyond this point should be taken with a grain of salt, and should NOT be taken seriously, lest the police really come and raid our office, then we really jialat liow.

6. Representing The True Malaysia


What we tell foreigners is that Malaysia is a democratic country, with freedom of speech, a government that can take criticism, and occasionally a funny joke. But what we see here seemed more like a country that is suppressing freedom of speech, have no sense of humor and run by bloody tyrants.

Since when we became North Korea?

7. Other Movies With Violent Scenes In Malaysia Should Be Banned Too?


At least be consistent a bit. If you want to ban movies with violent scenes in Malaysian locations, maybe we should ban the rest of the movies featuring movies with such scenes? Even if anyone don’t watch and support local productions, I’m sure they can easily come up with a dozen locally produced movies with similar scenes right. How come they are still around and being released every now and then?

I am trying very hard to believe that you are fair in judgement, but right now it’s straight-out hypocrisy to me.

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 8. 3.5 Million Ringgit In Investment Gone



You know lah, this sort of money may not be a lot for Hollywood production, but in the local movie scene this is actually a lot of money. You approve people for shooting but don’t let people put their movie in cinema, obviously the producer if not the investor will complain right. We want more investment in local productions, not shun investors away from investing, especially with the current economic situation.


Investment, not donation leh! How is he going to repay his investors?

 9. It’s The Hair isn’t it?


Let’s be honest here. Is it the hair? It is isn’t it? The movie is banned because a certain character had a hair that resembled the hair of another real-life person, and you are afraid that people will assume it is referencing that person? If it is the case I am really fearful of what would happen to Malaysian productions, because our future movies will have over-the-top, impossible to see hair just because movie-makers wan’t to avoid accidentally referencing real-life people.

Should We Also Ban This Animal In Malaysia ?

Should We Also Ban This Animal In Malaysia ?

But then again the movie will be accused of not representing Malaysian culture. How like that?

10. It’s NOT A Bloody Documentary


So stop taking everything so seriously can or not? I probably would not even be bothered to watch the movie initially, but right now you are really getting me curious. Like what I mentioned previously, this is a FICTITIOUS PARODY and EXAGGERATION based on current (or past) issues, and the only one who would have taken it seriously, are people who have mental problems, and probably people who think Santa Claus is real!

By banning the movie, they are probably doing more free promotion to Banglasia than actually stopping it from being shown. No matter how I look at it, it’s really just giving NameWee a push for more fame, or is it the secret way of making sure NameWee is famous. Ok I think I need to take a break because I’m beginning to think too much…


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