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400,000 Young Malaysians Unemployed and 88% of Youth Earning Below RM 1500?

PUTRAJAYA: Graduates who have completed their studies in six months are among the current 400,000 unemployed individuals in the country, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Wahid Omar.

He said according to statistics, 161,000 graduates or 8.8 per cent of youths, aged between 20 and 24 years, had yet to find a job.

Despite the launching of several programmes by the government to increase jobs such as Jobs Malaysia and the 1Malaysia Training Scheme the employment rate remains low.

Abdul Wahid said this while presenting a quick outlook on Malaysia’s economic status during a Business Leaders Dialogue Session with Prime Minister Najib Razak, here today.

Therefore, he said, the government was encouraging the involvement of private companies to actively open up employment opportunities and provide industrial training to the target group.

“The government will make sure they have stable jobs to support economic growth in a more inclusive way. That is why the government welcomes assistance and the involvement of private companies,” he said. – Bernama

Photo Credit : http://scartyscarf-scarpix.blogspot.my/2012/05/poverty.html

Photo Credit : http://scartyscarf-scarpix.blogspot.my/2012/05/poverty.html

An overwhelming majority of young workers in Malaysia, that is, 67 percent, earn a monthly salary below RM1,000 while 21 percent earn between RM1,000 to RM1,500. In other words, 88 percent of young workers in Malaysia earn below RM1,500.

In Selangor, those earning below RM1,500 a month are classified as living in poverty. – STEVEN SIM CHEE KEONG

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