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8 Strange Facts Malaysian Should Know About Sex


Everybody likes to think they know the ins and outs as well as the many tricks of what goes on in the bedroom behind closed doors. We take pride in knowing we have a fair bit of knowledge on sex that are, like it or not, mostly picked up during midnight conversations with friends or even from Google searches but this list goes to show that even the most knowledgeable sexual adventurer can learn a thing or two from our list of some of the strangest sex facts we’ve come across.

1. At Any Given Time, 25 Percent Of People Are Daydreaming About Sex

By that logic, one can deduce that every one in four people you see on the street are most likely having ‘gatal’ thoughts. That cute cashier you saw in 99 Speedmart that day when you were out for a tray of eggs was probably thinking about banging you from Johor to Penang.

2.Sex Can Relieve A Headache – It Releases Tension Which Restricts Blood Flow To The Brain

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So the next time your boyfriend or girlfriend is having a headache or tells you that they don’t feel like having sex because of a headache, but in reality, they just want to watch the latest season of ‘Si Capik’ on TV3, take a doctorly demeanor by the bedside before pulling this fact out.

You’re welcome.

3.There Are About 1,000 Recognised Euphemisms For Vagina In The English Language

A mind-blowing number, for sure. Nobody would have thought mankind could come up with so many alternative nicknames for the vagina. Keep in mind though that thousand is only for the English Language. Let’s not forget Hokkien and Bahasa Melayu. Damn, my language history lecturer wasn’t kidding when she said that, the human language is a beautiful thing!

That aside, we don’t know how many euphemisms there are for penis, probably millions, and most of them are often used to describe our politicians and government. Ooops.

4.It’s Possible To Relieve Depression Through Wanking

So the next time you’re feeling a little low, toss away your depression pills in the bin and settle yourself in front of your computer for a medically proven remedy.

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Man: “Hi Dr, I’ve just been feeling a little down lately.”

Dr: “I’m sorry to hear that, with modern medicine should have to suffer with feelings of depression.”

Man: “Oh is there a pill I can take?”

Dr: “Not exactly…”

5. Women Who Are Prone To Migraines Tend To Have A Higher Sex Drive Than Those Not

A total win and instant turn on for any single guys out there looking for a high sex drive girlfriend. A double edged sword is what this is. A high and healthy sex drive coupled with an excuse to have more and more sex to get rid of headaches.

Couple- 1

Headache- 0

6. 34 Per Cent Of Men Have Told Lies In Order To Have Sex, 10 Per Cent Of Women Have Done The Same

What’s REALLY shocking about this statistic is not the fact that people often lie to get sex, but that 90 percent of women and 66 percent of men are lying about lying to have sex.

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7. With Nothing In Its Path, A Penis Can Shoot Semen Anywhere From 12 To 24 Inches

Who would even take the time to research or measure this? Imagine a man holding a ruler to the tip of his penis while ‘scrubbing his goose’. Also, why is there not a Guinness World Record for this? For all you know, there could be a man out there who can shoot targets in Nepal from his home in Kedah.

8. Man Will Ejaculate Approximately 17 Litres Of Semen 

During An Average Man’s Lifetime, He Will Ejaculate Approximately 17 Litres Of Semen, Which Amounts To About Half A Trillion Sperm

However, most of that sperm end up in dried tissue and old socks.

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