Facebook Post About Stop Our Young Ones From Being A Robot Went Viral With More Than 28 000 Shares - The Coverage

Facebook Post About Stop Our Young Ones From Being A Robot Went Viral With More Than 28 000 Shares

Education: Young Poker Faces


A post written by Matthew Zachary Liu went viral in Facebook, with more than 48 000 likes and 29 000 shared around the social media. Matthew is a MC in Singapore. On 15 March, he shared his classroom moments with the secondary 1, and pointed out the current issue of our young ones.

When he first step into the class, the kids are uninterested with the class. The kids don’t seems to get along, they are shouting, cursing and even fighting with each other. To ease the situation, he did an easy activity with the kids, by asking them to close their eyes, and stand up when they feel they are connected to the questions Matthew asked.

As kids standing up, they can see their common similarities, such as “reading manga”, “hating maths”, “liking the same idols” and more. They find the connection with the others. The kids starts giving high-5, and laughing together.

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The session went deeper, when Matthew starts asking sensitive question, such as: “How many of you feel useless or have ever been told you’re worthless?”
The kids starts opening up, and shares about their emotion.

A lot of them have been putting on a mask, pretending as if they don’t have any emotions. As they are pressured by parents and teachers, they don’t find any connection with the other kids, the only purpose for them to come school, is for the academic results.

This is what’s happening in our next generation. Kids nowadays follow parents expectation, school’s expectation, but they forgot about the connection and emotion between humans.

We are humans, and humans should have emotion, instead of being a poker face. Stop our young ones from being a robot, who chase after only results, results, and results. They should enjoy their life, be a human, be connected with friends. They should have emotions such as happy, sad, angry and more.

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” I personally know many amazing teachers who truly care about their kids more than just the grades they attain on papers. They want to do so much more. But they simply do not have the time, resources or freedom because of all the other administrative duties or red tape they have to adhere to.

Dear MOE, please, I implore you to give our teachers more time to share lessons of life, to invest and inspire their young charges the way they’d like to, the way they were filled with dreams, passion and hope to do so much more for the next generation when they chose teaching as a career the way you sold it to them. It’s a different generation of kids. We need to change to.

Dear parents, especially if your kids are in primary school.. your kids may be suffering in silence. There is another heartbreaking classroom moment that happened with one of the P6 class I was teaching that I may write about and share soon but for now.. dear parents, this March school break, please talk to and more importantly, listen to your kids. Really listen to them.. allow them to invite you into their world.. not just the world you want to build and demand of them. The more you force that, the higher they will start to build their walls. Your kids love you. Please let them know and feel that you love them too. “

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