Malaysian Dota 2 Gamer Killed Over Gaming Dispute - The Coverage

Malaysian Dota 2 Gamer Killed Over Gaming Dispute

A Malaysian was killed outside a cyber cafe in Serdang yesterday over a dispute over a video game.

A Malaysian was killed outside a cyber cafe in Serdang yesterday over a dispute over a video game.

The news came from Ang who reported the news in his social media profile, the victim was a Malaysian playing a video game called ‘DOTA 2’, very popular among the youth in Malaysia.

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The incident was rumoured to have started over some dispute over the outcome of a video game match, which turned bloody when one of them brandished a weapon and proceeded to attack the victim. To date we still do not have a concrete source on what has actually happened.

Players of DOTA 2 and video games of similar genre are known to be very rude, often throwing profanities at each other for not performing; although arguments among players are common, it is rare that confrontations move on to the real world. Developers of these video games often implement systems to reduce such toxic culture among gamers, but it appears that these are still not enough.

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UPDATE  05.01. 2015 

[Update: The quarrel started when both the suspect and victim, in their 50’s, were fighting over a PC to watch Hong Kong Dramas, and not to play Dota 2. The article has been altered to reflect this.] 

It’s all fun and games until someone gets stabbed in the neck. On the 2nd of January, an individual at a cyber cafe in Taman Bukit Serdang was stabbed in the neck for allegedly hogging a computer to watch Hong Kong Dramas.

It all started at about 11PM when the suspect demanded the victim to give up a particular PC so that he could use it. When the victim ignored his demands, the two then had a “heated verbal exchange”. According to Razimi Ahmad, the Serdang Police Chief Assistant Commissioner, the suspect left the scene after the argument, but later returned with his friend while carrying a badminton racquet bag containing a parang and a plank which were used to attack the cyber cafe worker.

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The fight broke out inside the cyber cafe itself, but the management team managed to break up the fight and led them outside. It was also believed that the trio continued the fight outside, according to news reports that cited unnamed witnesses. Four other people defended the victim, but got injured by the two attackers in the scuffle.

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