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Man Marries A Sex Doll!

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Have you ever been so lonely you married a sex doll?

Well this man has achieved that sense of hopelessness at finding a spouse and actually married a sex doll.

However, there’s a sad twist to this story so don’t go laughing first.

A 28-year-old man diagnosed with terminal cancer decided to get married to a sex doll.

He was said to have wanted to experience a full-scale wedding before he died. It was his dying wish.

Considering the fact that his life had an impending and near expiry date, he did not want to find a real, human soul mate and then pass away, leaving his wife to live on in loneliness after he dies.

The photos of the holy matrimony between the 28-year-old man and his sex doll became a viral sensation in China, after he reportedly approached wedding photographers to organize a fancy, full-scale wedding shoot with his sex doll.

He even went as far as arranging for a make up artist to prim up his sex doll and tailored a beautiful wedding dress to make the wedding as real as possible.

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In the pictures, the man can be seen tenderly holding his synthetic ‘bride’ with a look reserved only for men who love their wives. Anyone who sees the picture for the first time will mistake the sex doll to be a real woman until they take a second glance.

It is to our understanding that ‘she’ is a top of the line sex doll from Japan and that ‘she’ costs tens of thousands of dollars.

However so, despite his pure intentions and humble final wish, he has received countless criticism from the public for marrying an artificial doll instead of a real person despite his terminal condition.

Here at The Coverage Bureau, we sympathize with this man and refuse to laugh at a dying man’s last wish.

It is his dream to experience a wedding before his death and we believe that everyone should respect him and his decision.

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