Lim Guan Declared RM 1,350,694.98 in My Declaration : But The Bungalow & Land That He Bought With RM 2.8 Mil Current Market Value is RM 4.27 Mil

Source : my declaration

Lim was charged with using his position to obtain for himself a plot of land and a bungalow located at No 25, Jalan Pinhorn, George Town on Oct 21, 2015 from Phang for RM2.8 million, a price which he allegedly knew did not commensurate with the property’s then market value of RM4.27 million.

Did Lim Guan Eng Under Declare ?

Did Lim Guan Eng Calculated Wrongly ?

Did Lim Guan Eng Accidentally Key In The Wrong Figure ?

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