Mahathir’s Money-Laundering Operation With 480 Companies : RM100 Billion in Mahathir’s Hands & RM60 Billion With Daim’s

The 480 companies are not successful and are not giving Mahathir and his family money. In fact, it is the other way around. Mahathir is giving these 480 companies money instead. Those 480 companies are being propped up as fronts to help launder money so that Mahathir and his family can spend the money and live like kings without attracting any questions or raise any eyebrows as to where this money came from.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Honoré de Balzac was a French novelist of the early 1800s. It was around his time that France experienced the Second Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte’s army swept across Europe, and many more. Amongst de Balzac’s most famous saying is: ‘behind every great fortune lies a great crime’.

This may not always be true, of course. In some cases such as Soon Seng, Hong Leong, Kuok, Genting, YTL, Berjaya, etc., it took 40-50 years for the families to become billionaires. For example, Soon Seng was already around during the Japanese occupation, Genting started around the time of Merdeka, Berjaya began around 1970, and so on. They did not achieve billionaire status until at least the second or third generation.

And then we have Mahathir and his children — Mukhriz, Mokhzani, Mirzan and Marina. Combined they control 480 companies and is definitely a billionaire family. And the impression they create is that they are very successful business people and that they became billionaires because of their 480 companies.

This is actually a fallacy plus a great lie. The Mahathir clan may be a billionaire family but they became billionaires not because of their successful businesses or 480 companies. In fact, most of their companies are not really doing well and on their own would have collapsed long ago.

To start off, Mahathir’s children are not really that smart. Those who know them personally will tell you that Mahathir’s children are quite ‘slow’. The more unkind critics say that Mahathir’s children are actually idiots. They may own 480 companies but that is only because their name is Mahathir and for no other reason. Without the Mahathir name they would probably just be junior executives working for others.

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The even more important question is are they billionaires because of their successful businesses and their 480 companies or is it the other way around? In other words, are their 480 companies giving them plenty of money or are they giving their 480 companies money instead?

Yes, as Honoré de Balzac said, “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” Mahathir and his children need to explain where their great wealth came from if not from a great crime. And the way they spend there is no denying that they have great wealth at their disposal (READ MORE HERE: SYED SADDIQ: ASKING A BOY TO DO A MAN’S JOB).

If you read that article above you can see that the Mahathir clan lives the life of a Saudi Arabian royal family. How can they afford such a lifestyle? The answer is: because they are successful in business and own 480 companies. Well, at least that is what they are trying to suggest.

But that is all a fallacy and a great lie. Their businesses are not doing great guns and bringing in billions as they are pretending. In fact, they are pumping money into these companies to keep them alive and save them from folding up.

These companies are just fronts. They are a facade and a charade to explain where their money is coming from. The companies serve only one purpose: to launder the money that they own so that no one will ask where all that money came from.

According to Barry Wain, Mahathir ripped off at least RM100 billion. That does not include another RM100 billion which is supposed to be Umno’s money but is not in Umno’s bank account. The system that Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin set up when Umno Baru was formed in 1988 is that Umno’s wealth will be held under the name of trustees. And Mahathir and Daim were two of those three trustees.

So billions of what belonged to Umno was in the hands of Mahathir and Daim. And they created a system of proxies and nominees to spread the money around. And that is why the money is not in Umno’s hands but is in the hands of Mahathir and Daim (said to be RM100 billion in Mahathir’s hands and RM60 billion in Daim’s hands).

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Daim parked his money overseas in a number of African and Eastern European banks while Mahathir parked his in the so-called 480 successful companies that the family owns. The money parked into those companies, which are not making money, then came back into the pockets of the family as ‘profits from successful businesses’. Then when they live the life of a Saudi Arabian royal family no one will be surprised and no one will question it.

Many have already revealed how Mahathir and Daim syphoned out money by using Umno’s name and the figure mentioned is RM100 billion and RM60 billion respectively which Mahathir and Daim stole

Other tycoons and billionaires took 40-50 years or two generations to get to where they are today. Mahathir and his family suddenly, over just five years, got to where they are today. Even clever people need 40-50 years or two generations. Mahathir’s children are too dumb to do it in just five years.

You cannot become billionaires from supposedly nothing in just five years unless you are doing something illegal. Honoré de Balzac explained it well when he said, “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” If Mahathir tries to tell us that they are billionaires because they have successful businesses and 480 companies that is a lie. He and his family own a great fortune because of a great crime.

The 480 companies are not successful and are not giving Mahathir and his family money. In fact, it is the other way around. Mahathir is giving these 480 companies money instead. Those 480 companies are being propped up as fronts to help launder money so that Mahathir and his family can spend the money and live like kings without attracting any questions or raise any eyebrows as to where this money came from.

And that is why Mahathir is upset with the PPBM youth movement or the Exco Armada for questioning his and his family’s wealth. In the past no one questioned these 480 companies or suggested that they are fronts for hiding and laundering the wealth that Mahathir stole from the nation.

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With the RCI on the Bank Negara forex losses about to start, this may trigger an investigation into how much of Bank Negara’s so-called forex losses was not really lost on the market but was actually stolen. And this may force the MACC to step in to investigate the source of Mahathir’s wealth. Worse still, the government may confiscate all this wealth and return it to the country: which is a fate worse than death as far as Mahathir is concerned.

Source : Malaysia Today

Investigate assets owned by Dr M’s children, PPBM’s Armada tells MACC

arti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Armada has urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the assets owned by four children of the party’s chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

PPBM Armada exco Abdul Wahazir Abdul Wahabi alleged that the quartet – Marina, Mokhzani, Mukhriz and Mirzan – own more than 480 companies since Dr Mahathir’s tenure as prime minister.

Speaking to reporters after lodging a report at the MACC office here today, Wahazir said he wanted the MACC to probe into Dr Mahathir’s children ‘unusual’ wealth.

“We did our investigation and identified that Dr Mahathir’s children own 488 companies which are still under operation.

“As an Armada exco, PPBM had taught me to reject any elements of abuse of power and embezzlement, and to always be transparent with the rakyat. A few months ago, my friends and I had met with Dr Mahathir himself and raised this issue (his children’s extent of wealth) but he denied them.

“But when we checked again, his children have been owning some companies ever since he was the prime minister,” he said.

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