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‘Makcik Pickpocket’ Probably Didn’t Know CCTV Existed Along Jalan TAR

Is that a bit too early of an assumption? Recently, pictures of this one special makcik has circulated thanks to a Facebook post (now removed). Did she not think that CCTVs would catch her in action around the area of Jalan TAR?

And for God’s sake, it’s still Ramadhan.

Now that we’re in the last week before Raya, most people are out shopping to prepare themselves for the celebration. The one hotspot for Raya shopping would have to be Jalan TAR.

The Facebook post warns Facebook users about a middle-aged woman stealing purses from shoppers’ handbags. Though from the video, you can see … that it’s too blatant. How did this somehow get ignored by the victims? She was stealthy with how she did it, she moved around the victims unnoticed, and watching the video you’d be wondering if the same thing ever happened to you! Scary to think about, don’t you think so?

For those who are currently hoping to shop around the area, please be careful and remain vigilant. You never know which makcik could be walking around you trying to find an oppoturnity to unzip your bag and slowly take out your wallet!

Reportedly, there are many who has fallen victim to her. The public often found the victim’s wallets all ‘cleaned up’ with their cards still intact. That’s a little bit of a relief, but… Still a crime.

The video caught by the CCTV is right down below. Let us know if you have seen anyone like her. Or have seen her. Just remember to be careful! There are dangerous people all around us.





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