Malays Cheat Malays : How To Increase The Percentage Of Malay Equity If Malay Crony Capitalists Bring Money Out of Malaya by RM1.8 Trillion ? – Pity My Malay People!



For a long time they chanted the slogan “for the sake of the nation, for the sake of the country for the sake of the Malays”. But they are hypocrites. They want to avoid actual taxes. They want wealth to hover over their own families only. Not to help the Malays. They open accounts of their companies, not in Malaya but in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

They accused others of being “unpatriotic, subversive or rebellious”. But they are the real adventurers for smuggling money and capital illegally into a tax -free and secretive black financial paradise in the British Virgin Islands. Only today began to be exposed by Pandora Papers.

Who are these Malays, these hypocrites? Apparently they are the children of former prime ministers from exclusive Malay and Bumiputera political parties, be it Cap Kris, Cap Bunga Raya, Cap Pejuang bangsa.

Pity my Malay people, cheated alive. I, the Malay, was also deceived. For a long time, I have been reminded that these Malay leaders are fighting for the interests of the Malays in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and the special position rights of the Malays.

Apparently they are like “expect a pheasant; but pheasants eat rice. ” They use Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and the special rights of the Malays for them to reap profits, contracts, capital with cheap loans as well as all kinds of incentives, quotas, permits, licenses and subsidies as well as direct negotiation projects without tenders. All in the name of Malay privilege.

But the Malays from this powerful elite group and family are like “forget -me -nots”. They acted like pirates fleeing money and capital abroad, to the British Virgin Islands there. They are not reinvesting their wealth in this beloved Malaysia. They are exactly like “the Tenggang” who rebelled against the nation.

Until October 2021, these factions of theirs, in Parliament in front of the eyes of a Malay, without shame, they are still talking supposedly “for the sake of the Malays! for the sake of the Malays! ” This is their hypocrisy. Today, I am a Malay who can no longer be deceived by them.

It is unfortunate and sad to remember my country and my Malay nation. Until the 12th Malaysia Plan, the Malay racist tribes are still talking about wanting to increase the percentage of Malay equity. Supposedly! Supposedly “for the sake of the Malaysian Family”. Supposedly!

Who are they trying to deceive? The Malays now, especially among the smart and clever young Malays, are not deceived by these hypocritical and hypocritical Malay leaders. The Malay generation is now aware. Already literate.

How to increase the percentage of Malay equity if these Malay crony capitalists who get economic benefits and wealth from economic policies help Malays bring money and capital out of Malaya by RM1.8 trillion from 2004 to 2014 to the black financial center off the coast like the British Virgin Islands?

So much black money to evade taxes in Malaysia is brought in by unpatriotic rich people as revealed by Pandora Papers that Malaysia ranks fifth worst in the world after China, Russia, Mexico and India.

So much of the country’s money and capital is flowing out to the British Virgin Islands and other dark financial centers off the coast that Malaysia has no money and is almost bankrupt.

Fortunately, Malaysia still has Petronas. To deal with Covid-19, revive the country’s economy and help the people, then the State has to go into debt and owe and owe again until the Government’s debt level reaches the 65% Gross Domestic Product ceiling.

The huge government debt will be borne by the children of the next generation. Meanwhile, the children of the country’s elite include the children of three former Prime Ministers, and about 1500 other Malaysians who have company accounts in the British Virgin Islands can live comfortably on the misery of the people of this country.

Hassan Abdul Karim
Member of Parliament for Pasir Gudang

October 4, 2021 (Monday)


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