Malaysia : A Dying Man’s Final Wish To See His Son One Last Time

twilight days, and his final wish is to see his son. Lum Toong Seng, a 63-year-old man from Johor suffering from lung and liver cancer has but a few days left in this mortal world.

The retiree has a Singaporean son who has cut off contact with Lum and the rest of his family because of a feud in the past and hasn’t contacted any of his family members for over 20 years. Now as the end of his days draw near, Lum’s only wish is to see his son one last time.

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The cousin of Lum’s prodigal child has taken to social media to seek the help of the Malaysian and Singaporean community to help locate her cousin and fulfil her uncle’s dying wish to see him one last time.

Catherine Kong, the niece of Lum, explained in a Facebook post that Lum did not undergo chemotherapy as doctors told his family that he was nearing death’s door and giving him chemotherapy would be in vain and only cause him discomfort, compulsive vomiting, and loss of hair.

As of now, Lum is prescribed with only medicine to ease his pain and may be discharged in a few days time should his condition allow it.

Catherine Kong Facebook Status 

Hi all,

I have one uncle who has a serious cancer, and it is final stage. The cancer started from his lung, then to his liver. He normally stays alone in Johor Bahru before his illness, right now he stay in hospital for the treatment.

I am here to asking for your help and kindness, please help me to share this post. My uncle has a son who is Singaporean, right now he should be 32 to 34 years old.

He has lost his contact from his son over 20 years. This is my uncle family matter that I couldn’t tell you the reason why they didnt contact for such long time.

Please help me to share this post, this is the final chance they can see each other. My cousin might be your friend, or friend’s friends, or your colleague, or colleague’s colleague. Please help me to share this post at least or (might) if he happen to see his father is in great danger.

To my cousin,
Your dad (Lum Toong Seng), age 63, is in serious danger, just number of days count before he leave. When my mum asked her brother if he wish to see his son, his eyes open so big thought his son finally come to see him.
My mum said we can help you to look for your son in facebook (at least we try if that’s hope). Please pm me if you see the post. Thank you.
[caption id="attachment_3083" align="aligncenter" width="489"]Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.35.55 PM Catherine’s Facebook post has been shared as many as 29,000 times by users who want to see Lum’s dying wish fulfilled[/caption]
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Lum’s family had initially planned to send him to a private hospital where professional nurses could monitor him and nurse him around-the-clock but Lum, who only wanted to rest easy in his own home for the remainder of his short life, refused to go.

The family of Lum hopes that his son will grant his father’s last wish to see his face one last time and hopes that he will contact them one last time.

Catherine wrote that when her mother, who is the sister of Lum, asked him if he wanted to see his son; his eyes sparked to life, thinking that his son had come to see him.

Lum’s son, Tan Weng Oon used to live in Yishun. Anyone who may know him are urged to tell him about his father’s condition and that his father wishes to see him one last time.

With that, The Coverage Bureau felt that it was a moral obligation to help spread this cry of help as far as we could to hopefully fulfil Lum’s last wish. 

Anyone who has any information about Lum’s son can personally message Catherine, the niece of Lum, on her Facebook profile here.

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