Malaysia: Youth Urges The Government Not To Trim Short The Dreams of The Future Generation

FORMER STUDENT TURNED DOCTOR TELLS HIS INSPIRING STORY ON WHY THE JPA SCHOLARSHIP MATTERS IN HOPES THAT THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T TRIM SHORT THE DREAMS OF THE FUTURE GENERATION If you are or were a college student before, you would know the struggles of having to see the many digits of numbers under your programme’s tuition fees. The struggles were partially with you but the main struggles were with your parents having to figure out a way to deal with that 5 digit number. One of the solutions to this struggle were to apply and get a scholarship to fund your education path. Though the solution may sound easy, it’s frankly not. Thousands of student would compete to earn that scholarship and in order to compete, students would have to achieve greatly in both their academics and co-curriculum activities.   bigstock-Scholarship-Money-77514785   The JPA Scholarships (The Public Service Department of Malaysia’s Scholarship) is one of the most well known scholarships among many young Malaysians who wishes to further their education whether it be locally or abroad. No doubt that it has helped many former graduates with their studies too. Recently this year, the government made the decision to slash the allocation of funds for the JPA bursary and scholarships, affecting 744 students directly all for the decision so that the country could save “some” money. Of course and as expected, there was backlash towards the government’s decision. You could read more about it in the link here.   jpa-student   To be fair, not every Malaysian shares the same opinions about the JPA scholarship and its slash in funds. Some people feel that it is a big waste of money to invest in students who are enjoying their studies abroad and in the end not coming back to the country to work. Some feel that the JPA scholarships is a beam of light that gives hope to those who cannot afford a higher education after high school. Recently a former recipient of the JPA scholarship and now doctor came unto Facebook to speak up about why the JPA scholarship mattered to him and how it matters to others too. He spoke up in his posting concerning what a minister said about the slash in funds which you can read more in this link here. The former recipient goes by the name of Nimelesh Max Balanthiren (according to his Facebook account) posted his aspiring story on the 18th of March, in which he wrote…   [caption id="attachment_10184" align="aligncenter" width="586"]10957136_10153168483482505_6018650391934722303_n Nimelesh Max Balanthiren[/caption]

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I’m concerned that there are ministers who are fighting to cut JPA scholarships. I was one of the students who u said “the government is spending unnecessary money on”. Let me tell you my life story. I lost my dad at the age of 11. It was never easy. I didn’t have the privileges like my other peers. Clothes? I was thankful to even get a pair of new clothes each year. I was always the quiet type in school and i rarely mix with anyone. All my spare time is spent on studying. I’ll never forget the time i asked my mom i wanted to go for a movie, my mom just sat on the ground and started to cry. My mom was working odd jobs and we barely had any money to survive. Even writing this, brings tears to my eyes..All the Hardships… I was thankful to have my mom,all my close relatives and my teachers to guide me. My mom quit her job and started home tuitions just to guide me with my studies after school. My school teachers would come to fetch me from my house for tuitions , coz i didn’t have any transport. I’ll never ever forget all your sacrifices and those who have been with me from Day 1.

I still remember the time i got my SPM certificate. My Mom was devastated. She didn’t even say any congratulations. Because we can’t afford a B. After all truthfully , we are a minority. What are the odds of getting into a IPTA . And we definitely don’t have any money to go into private university.

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I was blessed to have successfully gotten a JPA scholarship. Without this, i wouldn’t have fulfilled my dreams of becoming a doctor and treating others. Without going overseas, i wouldn’t have been a DIFFERENT PERSON . The Outgoing , “Social Butterfly” i am now. Who knows, i might not even have a degree now if i wasn’t sponsored.

So are the Government really wasting money on sponsoring students? Please don’t cut scholarships. There are better way to save money. Don’t trim the hopes and dreams of our future generation.


[caption id="attachment_10183" align="aligncenter" width="357"]10420267_10154004416987505_9002120777394078496_n Nimelesh Max Balanthiren posted a picture of his SPM results along with his story.[/caption]  

His story has definitely been an eye opener to many who didn’t believe in the JPA scholarships initially and it even opened up my eyes to see how much it could bring an impact to someone’s life.

The story was beautifully written as well. He first speaks up about his concerns on the recent slash in funds, then he goes on to tell his background of hardships, later on letting us know the impact it has brought to his life and lastly he ends with a pondering question to us all.


You could tell he’s been through a lot, he knows what is it like to have an opportunity taken away from you. Education isn’t merely just a degree cert but rather a key to open up doors in the future. I’m a keen believer that each and everyone deserves the rights to a good education and after reading his story, I’m even more firm on the idea that education is ever more important.

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I hope the government thinks twice about the decision to not slash the JPA scholarship funds thoroughly before doing so, we can only hope and time will tell. There are much more ways to save money for the country than to cut off funds for education. With that, I would like to end with a quote by Nelson Mandela. He once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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