Malaysia Chinese Youtuber Being Racist & Insulting Our Judiciary Institution By Claiming She Loses The Court Case Because The Judge Is A Malay

You don’t need the opponent Bank Account to make payment of cost.

Even if the Judge is a Chinese , it doesn’t mean that you will win the case.

Any document or word which is in Mandarin would need to be translated in all legal proceedings. To say that the reason of losing is due to the Judge inability to understand the alleged defamatory words is in defiance of logic. Unlike the translation is wrong , which is unlikely.

In normal circumstances , you would need a Judgement or Grounds of Decision or a short ruling ( with brief grounds ) too appreciate the rationale behind a ruling. Without which , it is odd that you can draw such a conclusion.

Source : Janice TSL Facebook

It is very unfair to claim that she loses the court case she because the judge is a Malay. It is being very racial and insulting to our legal & Judiciary system in our country. It is not right to question our judge intelligence and expertise in their area just because of his or her race. How on earth is it fair to said just claim that she loses the court case just because the Judge being accused of not understanding the one word that is being translated ? There are many factors in court case proceedings before a judge arrived at a decision.

What she claimed in her video is also very misleading. How on earth can she said that just because Leng Yein posted and said a few things about her then the business entity that sponsor her end up with Bankruptcy ? Is she implying that Leng Yein is that great and powerful ? Just because she said a few things then a business can go bankrupt overnight?

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If what Diorlynn Ong claim is the truth then is it better for any brands or entity to start sponsoring Leng Yein since she is that influential , great and powerful to make a business burst to millions and also bankrupt when she posted anything or said a few words.

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