Craziest Ex Lover : “Youtuber” Diorlynn Ong Loses Her Court Case To Leng Yein & Failed To Pay Her RM20000 Sealed Judgement

Malaysia “Youtuber” Diorlynn Ong loses her court case to Leng Yein. The story begins when she already break up with “Hei Geh” for a very long time and already in relationship. She suddenly get jealous when Hei Geh is finally being in a relationship ( at that time ) and went all the way to his house to physically assault him.

What right do she have as an EX GF to stop her EX BF from being in relationship when she herself is already in a relationship? Why should she even go all the way to his house to confront and physically assault him ? What does she have to such a “bitch” to restrict her ex lover from being in relationship with another person ?

Her current boyfriend also the world craziest guy ever in this incident. If your current GF really love you then she will not confront her ex and stop him from being in relationship. Why are you supporting her to stop her ex from being in a relationship ?

When Leng Yein jie stand up for Hei Geh that is a victim in this whole incident. Crazy insane Diorlynn Ong without any legal basis decided to sue Leng Yein RM 500 000 for defamation. First of all , does her name and reputation is even worth RM 5000 ? Is she trying to take this opportunity to make herself more popular by taking Leng Yeint to court ?

If she really worth RM 500 000 then why she cannot even afford to pay RM 20 000 to the court ? That just shows that she do not really earn a lot. A lot of her things she posted on sosial media is just another drama to let the public believe that she is having a good life.

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Most important she paid her lawyer but she owed the court fee of RM 20 000 for a month and did not reply to Leng Yein lawyer.

Apparently those that attended the court hearing will be laughing at how she cannot even answer properly both in Malay or English when being question by lawyers and judge.

Now that she finally lost the court case and fail to pay RM 20 000 to the court. This is an insult to our judiciary system ! Do she think our court and legal system is her play toy to simply sue people without any legal basis ?

In addition , after the assault disturbance, Diorlynn went online to post untrue statements on the ex bf. Leng Yein wrote to Diorlynn personally and politely confronting Diorlynn. Diorlynn acted up naively in her reply and it doesnt end well.

Two woman broke an internet arguement and Diorlynn called up Leng Yein for settlement. Leng Yein agreed and posted an article on both their peaceful partways. But little did Leng Yein know, Diorlynn actually went behind her back and reported police twice on her, and then issued lawyer letter and later on court letter to her. And this case had lasted from 2019 May to 2021 january 11th where the official judgement was given.

In our humble opinion, maybe she thought she could control all her exs and that she is worth half a Million LOL. Is Diorlynn trying to take the opportunity to make herself more popular by taking Malaysia’s Most Respected Online Social Media Queen “Big Sister” Leng Yein to court ?

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Below is The Posting From Leng Yein Facebook

Justice is Served

May all who abide the law is blessed and may all who speaks of only the truth is protected.

The best gift for Chinese New Year would be getting this good news
Year 2019’s CNY, Heige is disturbed by his ex in the middle of the night
And later she posted defamation statement on him.

I had personally spoke to her but all i got in return was her naive attitude replies.

This causes a minor internet argument between us.

She called me for settlement and we both agreed.

I then posted a part ways with peace statement thinking this drama would not roll on and we move on with life

Little did i know that she actually didnt keep her words and instead, she filed two police reports on me.

And on May 7th 2019, i received her lawyer letter demanding me to pay her RM500,000.00 for calling her “Green Tea Bitch”

We started our court case on August 2019

And the case went on until this year January 11th 2021 where we finally got the OFFICIAL DECISION from the court

Fans, we have won the case

But she had not paid her sealed judgement served to us RM20000 until this date.

We are grateful to our lawyer Guok Ngek Seong and Peter Siew Shyh Shen for their professionalism, and time, throughout the whole case.

Only IF she held her words and only speak the truth, it would save alot of our time going through the whole process

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Happy Chinese New Year to all my fans and family
May all matters be smooth sailing to you
And great health to your family and friends
Gong Xi Fatt Chai everyone

Source : Leng Yein Facebook

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