Beware : Sick Malaysian PERVERT PSYCHO Vinext Tan Harasses Malaysian Woman Through Whatsapp

Beware : Sick Malaysian PERVERT PSYCHO Vinext Tan Harasses Malaysian Woman Through Whatsapp

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The world is now filled with more thirsty creeps than ever before. Women receive countless harassments each day and it goes without saying that women and young ladies have it hard these days. Women often receive countless messages on Facebook and their mobile phones by creeps who are trying to hit on them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to hit on a girl through messages- but don’t do it in a creepy manner that downright scares women away, and don’t hit on women that have boyfriends. It’s that simple, really. One Malaysian Facebook user, Molly Giyumi, who already has a boyfriend, recently received a few messages that just proves our point that there are more creeps these days than ever before. Below are screenshots of the conversation between her and the alleged creep on WhatsApp. It goes without saying that most women have encountered at least one of these creeps at one point in time. The Coverage Bureau advises all women and young ladies to just ignore these creeps. What they are after, is attention. By simply not giving them any, they will more than likely, just back away and stop the harassment. With that, we ask the help of Malaysians to give this creep a taste of his own medicine. Let us all, in the spirit of 1 Malaysia, fill this creep’s phone to the brim with messages and ‘attention’. After all, that’s what he wants. For those who like our idea, his phone number is :+60 18- 3596365 Let us weed out the creeps in Malaysia- one at a time.
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Update (Friday 18th December, 2015, 4.46 pm)  It seems that the creep has found that this article was written against him and has continued to harass Molly. Below are the screenshots of the conversation following the initial incident: m2 It seems we have seemed to strike a shivering chord in this deranged creep. Update (Sunday 20th December, 2015 ) 



[caption id="attachment_3834" align="aligncenter" width="689"]vinext tan A Facebook post by Molly Giyumi[/caption] a1 a2

All the girls in Malaysia please be wary of this DANGEROUS PERVERT guy by the name of Vinext Tan.


We also urge all Vinext Tan victims to step forward.

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