Malaysia : Disabled Man Refuses To Surrender to Fate, Inspires Netizens

Uncle Edward, the man who refuses to surrender to fate Many of us take things for granted in life. We belittle what we have, and only complain about the things we don’t have, instead of counting our blessings. We are too lazy to put an effort into working hard, and only dream of being spoon-fed. [caption id="attachment_9766" align="aligncenter" width="460"]Many, especially us Gen-Y's, complain daily instead of working for something we want in life Many, especially us Gen-Y’s, are guilty of complaining daily instead of working for something we want in life[/caption] We sit at home, grumbling at the fact that we’re not born to a wealthy family while giving ourselves excuses to not work, excuses like “I don’t own a car yet, it’d be a hassle to get a job now”, “I need to concentrate on my studies, I’ll get a job when I graduate”, while many out there who are much more unfortunate, work hard for a better living. Facebook user Izzhar Nazri took to social media to ‘call out’ lazy people after his heart was touched by a deaf and mute man who worked as a cashier at a 7-Eleven convenience store here in Taman Cuepacs, Cheras. Nazri dropped by a 7-Eeleven convenience store in Cheras to purchase a mobile reload. When he asked the cashier if there were still any mobile reloads left, the elderly gentleman didn’t respond, which made Nazri think that he was being rude. However, a woman later walked up to the counter and politely told Nazri that he needed to point to the mobile-reload paper cut out at the counter if he wanted to purchase a mobile reload. Nazri was confused at first, but then it hit him- the cashier was a man with a hearing disability. [caption id="attachment_9767" align="aligncenter" width="400"]The cashier in question The cashier in question who inspired Nazri, along with many others for his strong perseverance in life[/caption]

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Humbled by the man’s strive in life and motivation, Nazri was struck with the most touched-upon of emotions. Below is an English translation of Nazri’s post on Facebook
[ An angered post towards lazy people] This morning, before I headed over to a school to give a talk, I dropped by a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store. I asked the cashier, “Uncle, do you have any mobile reloads (top-up)?” The uncle didn’t answer my questions. He didn’t even respond to it. His expression was pretentious, like he didn’t hear my question. (Dear me, I’m in a rush here) All of a sudden, a woman came along and told me “Young man, if you want to buy ‘top-up’, you have to point to this board right here.” Huh? The woman proceeded to place her items on the counter and paid for them. What seemed peculiar to me at the time was the fact that the woman gave her change, back to the cashier. The cashier then proceeded to put the change handed back to him, into his own pockets. Ok, I was getting more and more curious as to what was really going on. Chop! I noticed something. There was a pink card pinned to the uncle’s uniform. It was a disability card. “Hearing Impairment” Now I understood. Suddenly, I became sad, weak in the knees and touched. The uncle’s name was Edward. He was a deaf and mute man. Uncle Edward was deaf and mute, but his heart wasn’t. Because he knows how to be grateful for everything that he has, and works hard to make a living with what he has, despite his disability. How about us? We’re close to perfect. Yet, most of us complain about life on a daily basis. Always waiting to be spoon-fed by others, lazy to put in our own effort. We’re too busy blaming fate for what little we have. A word of advice for yourself. Don’t get too caught up only counting what you don’t have- instead, count your blessings. So, what’s your excuse for being lazy?
Nazri ends his post on Facebook by advising his fellow Malaysians to not get caught up with counting only what they have, but to instead, count what they do have. [caption id="attachment_9765" align="aligncenter" width="437"]Nazri's original post on Facebook has garnered almost 10,000 shares and 3,500 shares since it was first posted on March 9th 2016. Nazri’s original post on Facebook has garnered almost 10,000 shares and 3,500 shares since it was first posted on March 9th 2016.[/caption] It goes without saying that Uncle Edward’s perseverance and positive outlook on life has touched the deepest embers of our hearts. We send forth the highest of regards to Uncle Edward for his great outlook and willingness to brave the storm we call life. What is your take on this? Do let us know!  
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Nazri’s original post on Facebook can be found here.

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