Malaysia Government Hospital Refuse To Treat Dying Patients Because Of Their Attire !

Will Hospital Refuse To Treat Dying Patients Because Of Their Clothes? A woman was denied medical attention for her baby because she was wearing shorts that were deemed inappropriate by hospital nurses.

A woman rushed to the Kulai General Hospital’s emergency ward seeking medical attention for her baby who had a deep gushing wound on his finger after a small mishap. Blood flowed profusely onto her clothes as she rushed to the emergency ward in cold sweat, afraid for her baby’s well being, like every mother would. She was afraid that the immense blood loss from the wound could lead to death. Upon reaching the entrance, nurses saw her drenched in blood and suddenly told her she couldn’t enter the emergency ward. Puzzled and out of breath, she asked why to which she was responded something that shocked her rudely. Apparently, she was denied entry to the emergency ward because she was wearing shorts. She didn’t bother to argue with the nurses and asked if they could at least treat her son. They rudely asked her to wait OUTSIDE the emergency ward for her turn. Fortunately, the wound on her baby’s finger began to dry up and a scab developed, stopping the blood flow and bringing relief to the worried mother. She still had to get treatment for her son’s finger so she waited persistently outside the emergency ward to wait for her turn. After a few hours, it was finally their turn. The nurses changed the baby into hospital robes and took his heart rate. The frustrated mother told the nurses that it was just a wound on his finger and there was no need to waste time checking his blood pressure and what not. They just ignored her and walked away before the doctor came in to look at the baby’s finger. He just examined it for a few moments, didn’t treat it or even utter a single word to the worried mother, and just left. The mother finally had enough and left the hospital and drove over to a private hospital nearby where she got her baby’s finger treated. From this cautionary tale, is it scarily safe to say that hospitals will deny help even to dying people if they are dressed inappropriately? It seems that our health care system and facilities are going down the drain with unprofessional doctors and nurses. Fresh graduates from medical universities flood general hospitals to the brim. They are rude, clumsy, incapable of compassion, and unprofessional. All of which make a bad combination in a facility that is built to save lives.
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