Malaysia: Heartwarming story of how a stray dog was saved by an amazing couple and the KL Pooch Rescue! - The Coverage

Malaysia: Heartwarming story of how a stray dog was saved by an amazing couple and the KL Pooch Rescue!


I would like to start off by saying that the people who have the heart to give their time and energy in taking care of stray animals such as dogs and cats voluntarily with or without pay are one of the kindest kinds of people in the world. These people would be known as the ‘MVPs’, Most Valuable People.


Full time volunteers at the KL Pooch Rescue helping to teach dogs to swim.

Today, we have a story on how Yuri, a stray dog was rescued from starving to death by a couple and sent to KL Pooch Rescue to be later taken care of. The story is a tearjerker, so prepare a box of tissue just in case you start tearing up.

If you’ve been reading our articles from The Coverage Bureau, you may have stumbles across our recent story, “Malaysia : Malay girl asks the public not to judge other Muslim women who do not wear the hijab” and if you haven’t, go click on the link right now before reading this whole piece.




In the article, there is story that relates to what you’re about to read and that is on how a Malay girl named Ika alongside with her boyfriend Eric stumbled upon a stay dog (now named Yuri) underneath the Sungai Besi Expressway and took it to the KL Pooch Rescue to be taken care of.

After the article had gone viral with more than two and a half thousand shares, Ika decided to post a full length story on how Yuri was rescued, taken care of and then finally healthy enough for adoption. She shared a photo album from her boyfriend, Eric on the 26th of March unto her Facebook page.

The photo album contains more than a 100 photos which we can’t possibly share all here. If you want to take a look at all the photos (Which I do recommend), you can click the link here.

In the photo album, it’s main caption was…

For those who don’t know,

Ika and i spotted this poor doggie under the highway underpass, in between highways. and obviously we wanted to do what we can to help.

our heart sank as see the condition of this poor dog. the amount of suffer he has to go thru….
by the look of it, we figured it probably wouldn’t make it another day, so we couldn’t turn our backs on him and walk away… we called many many places to see if we could get help.

and KL pooch rescue and resort, came to the call. and thank you so much for taking him…

read the pics for more.


“we were trying to help him and feed him and this is only the time we started to take pics for future references.”


“here Ika saw that he was eating too fast and choking on the dry food.. so she put some water on it to make it softer”


“he couldn’t even get up to eat, all he could move was his head, to eat. it was just shear luck that we were able to spot him for that little while he was trying to cross the highway, perhaps to look for food. but the traffic was terrible! it took us about 5 mins just to wait for the right moment to run across the road.”


“after this, we were just waiting for help to come. took them about an hour to get here. I’m just so happy that they would drop whatever it is that they were doing and come help him. i mean, who does that?? on behalf of Yuri, i thank you!”


“after Shannon from KLPR rescue him, they named him Yuri. also kept me up to date on his condition. altogether, they showered him 3 times trying to clean him.”


“he has severe scabies, so they had to keep him separate from all the other rescue does at the compound, so they even brought him home! this was probably the first time he has ever felt this loved!!”


“Nov 30th – this is the first photo we took at KL pooch rescue and resort location! (1 week after we found him) looks much cleaner.”


“after closer look, they found a hole on his throat. they’re not sure how it happened, possibly abuse, or maybe fought with another dog, and got infected. it had maggots in there that had to be pulled out. they’re cleaning it regularly and keeping an eye out of course.”


“he was laying down the entire time we were there to visit. this is the only time he sat up… still skinny, but they said he’s eating well. feeding him high protein diet. also stealing other doggies food as well… haha”


“Yuri’s update! so this is the 2nd week in their care and he is looking much better! we can see both eyes now, although still has discharge but nothing serious.”


“and his tail was wagging nonstop! it was the first we’ve seen. sooo happy to see him getting better! thank you so much KL pooch rescue!”


“Paying Yuri a visit today. 2 months after we rescued him. Thank you so much for the people at KL Pooch and Rescue!”

There’s more to the story if you look through the whole album, the things they discovered from Yuri during her checkup, the facilities at the KL Pooch and Rescue center, the honorable volunteers at the center and the amazing work they do too in order to take care of the many dogs they have!



Ika (Left), Shannon a full time volunteer (Middle) and Eric (Right)

Thank you so much to Ika and Eric for sharing with us such an amazing story. It’s the people like Ika, Eric and the volunteers who really make the world a much better place by taking their time off to help these stray dogs get some love and care.

An update from Ika is that Yuri is ready for adoption. If any of your friends or family are interested, do not hesitate to share this post with them and do contact 016233DOGS (3647) to adopt.

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