Malaysia Home To More Than 43,000 Sugar Daddies & Ranked 3rd Highest Sugar Daddy-Baby Population In The World

The world’s largest sugar dating site, SeekingArrangement, recently revealed that Asia is home to more than 1.6 million sugar daddies.

While that number is pretty eye-opening, what is even more eye-opening is the fact that Malaysia ranked pretty high up in the list when it comes to the number of sugar daddies in a country.

According to their study, there are around 42,500 sugar daddies in Malaysia – putting us in third place on the list.

Occupying the top two spots are India and Indonesia, home to 338,000 and 60,250 sugar daddies respectively.

Rounding up the top ten countries with most sugar daddies in Asia are Japan (32,500), Hong Kong (28,600), Taiwan (27,300), Vietnam (12,000), S. Korea (7,000), Sri Lanka (5,000) and Cambodia (3,500).

Another theory suggested by SeekingArrangement is that more and more students are falling victims to high student loan debt.

For instance, the World Economic Forum reported that Malaysian students owe a total RM39 billion in outstanding debt to the National Higher Education Fund Corp (PTPTN).

Some of the countries in the list, namely South Korea and Japan, also face similar problems as more and more students in those countries are opting for private education.

With students finding it increasingly hard to survive, offering their time and attention to a wealthy man in exchange for some extra cash is a pretty sweet deal (pun not intended).

Source : FMT

Malaysia Is Home To Over 300,000 Sugar Babies : Seek A Monthly Allowance of RM2,500 From Their Sugar Daddy

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