Malaysia : Lowest Profile Malay Billionaire – Owns 4 Jets and More Than 40 Helicopters?!

As he mentioned, he spent most of his time on the road, due to the hectic business schedule that he has. He gets tired of traveling on the road. Hence one of his friends suggested him to buy a helicopter. Instead of driving on the road, it’s better to fly in the sky. In 2003, he bought a helicopter with the price US$1.5 million (Rm5.858 million) as his transport. However there are times when the helicopter is left unused, hence he rent the helicopter to others. 22a3 At that moment, he realized that there is a high demand for helicopter in Malaysia. 5 years later, he got his first contract to use his helicopter service, in order to send workers of oil and gas to the platform. Today, he owns a flight company named ‘Weststar Aviation’. Meanwhile, his first contract in 2008 now has the value of RM8 billion, making him one of the richest Malay in Malaysia. He now owns more than 40 helicopters and 4 personal jets. Even though he has billions of assets, however Tan Sri Syed Azman remain humble, and would not exposed to others his amount of assets. He says: “I don’t’ like to state my total assets, as my mother dislikes it.”

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