MALAYSIA: Man Electrocuted To Death Whilst Charging Smartphone With An Extension Cord - The Coverage

MALAYSIA: Man Electrocuted To Death Whilst Charging Smartphone With An Extension Cord

Did your parents ever tell you not to use your phone when you’re charging it? While charging our phones is supposed to be a harmless act, many of us pay no heed to our parents’ warning and continue to use our phone while it’s still being charged. But probably after this, you wouldn’t want to do that anymore!

Recently, a 35-year-old man in Melaka died whilst charging his phone on Tuesday, January 23, at around 11.30 pm. Police reported that Rosli Othman is believed to have been electrocuted while fixing his phone charge onto an extension cord at his friend’s house at FELDA Bukit Senggeh.

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Jasin Police Chief DSP Arshad told Bernama:

“The deceased, who was a labourer, was found by his friend at around 11.30pm in an unconscious state alongside his mobile phone, charger and an extension cord.”

He added that with the help of the forensic team from the Melaka Police Headquarters Contingent confirmed that the victim had died on the spot. Further police investigation revealed that the victim did not suffer any other injuries.

Source: Facebook

The official added that the case has been classified as sudden death due to the fact that the victim died an unnatural death.

The deceased’s body has been sent to a hospital in Jasin, Melaka for a post-mortem, however, no other explanation or information has been disclosed for now.

While freak accidents like this rarely happen, accidents also happen when you least expect it. Be sure that your socket or the extension is turned off before putting your charger in to charge your mobile devices! 

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(Source: Channel News Asia / Bernama / Facebook)

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