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Malaysia : MAS Allegedly ‘Blocked’ Passenger After Air-Steward Spilled Water On Her Laptop

Malaysian Airlines  Allegedly ‘blocked’ a passenger after an air-steward spilled water on her laptop

MAS has recently found itself in the disfavour of the public following a long string of incidents- the most recent, DJ Leng Yein’s unfortunate encounter with a rude servicing staff.


MAS Airlines has had a long list of complaints by angry passengers, in regard to their servicing staff

It seems that once again, another story of the Malaysian Airline’s dissatisfactory service has once fell into our laps here at The Coverage Bureau.

Facebook user Sarah Lim took to social media to share her distasteful experience with the airline’s substandard customer-support after she was allegedly ‘barred’ from reaching MAS Airline’s customer support hotline.

Miss Lim was on a flight from Adelaide, Australia to Penang, with a layover in Kuala Lumpur on February the 5th, when an air steward accidentally spilled a cup of water onto her laptop, damaging it and rendering it unusable.

Miss Lim's laptop was a pricey one- a Mac Book Air

Miss Lim’s laptop was a pricey one- a Mac Book Air

She had requested for two cups of water from an air steward- and when it arrived, she took the cups of water and turned beside her to pass one to her friend who was sitting beside her while she held another cup of water for herself in her left hand. Suddenly, an air steward who was serving another passenger across the aisle, backed up and bumped into her, causing the water to spill from her cup onto the laptop of her keyboard, which was on her tray.

She reacted calmly by turning the laptop over and laying it upside down on her lap. The air steward who was shocked at the result of his misstep, went to get a box of tissue which he later passed to her. She did not however, catch his name or even see him after the initial incident.

Initially, Miss Lim didn’t file a report nor a complaint when the incident happened- simply because she thought she would leave her laptop out to dry for a few days, and it would be back to normal in no time. However, 3 days later, the laptop wouldn’t turn on and she found no other choice but to lodge a complaint.

However, the response from MAS to her report wasn’t quite what anyone would have expected.


MAS promised to counsel and advise the crew members instead of offering her a compensation for the damages done to her laptop

Unsatisfied with the response she got, she tried e-mailing MAS once more to request a compensation of sorts for her laptop- but was instead greeted with silence as her e-mails were not entertained.

Miss Lim then tried contacting MAS regarding the issue on their Twitter page- but like before, the response given to her was vague and offered no closure whatsoever.

Malaysia Airline's response to Miss Lim's Tweet

Malaysia Airline’s response to Miss Lim’s Tweet

Persistent to seek closure for the incident, or a compensation of sorts for the air steward’s misstep, she tried calling MAS’s 24-hour hotline, only to discover that none of her calls could get through to their operators. We speculate that her contact details may have been blacklisted due to her constant persistency at seeking closure from the airline.

Frustrated and all out of options, Miss Lim who was left without a computer to work with, posted about her experience with the airline on Facebook, hoping that someone from MAS would reach out to her and help resolve the issue.

Miss Lim's post on Facebook

Miss Lim’s post on Facebook

However, no representative from the airline contacted her either. She then tried e-mailing the airline again, and finally got a response after sending multiple e-mails to their inbox.


Another inconclusive response from the airline

Following the advice of MAS’s personnel, Miss Lim’s father sent the laptop for a check. Her computer’s SSD and mother board were ‘fried‘ and technicians say that the chances of retrieving lost data from her laptop are slim. The technicians quoted RM4,000 to fix the laptop, but did not recommend that course of action as the laptop would be unstable even after getting repaired.

Miss Lim then wrote back to the MAS customer support, and is currently still waiting for an answer- though she admits that she feels MAS is unlikely to reimburse the damages done for her laptop.

We managed to reach out to Miss Lim for a few comments on the incident.

In the few minutes we had to speak to her, she shared with us the emotional sentiment and attachment she had for the laptop, which was a gift to her from her parents two years ago for her 21st birthday.

The thing that upset me the most was how the case was handled. I was not in the market for a new laptop as this one worked just fine. It has great sentimental value to me but the things that are on it are worth even more and not being able to get any of my pictures or documents back is heartbreaking.

The 23-year-old Penangnite who currently resides in Adelaide, Australia, also expressed her dissatisfaction at the second-rate service of MAS Airlines.

I am disappointed with how such a well known airline and what more our national airline could treat this case in such a light matter. I just want justice for what happened.
Miss Lim later shared with us that her laptop, a Mac Book Air, cost RM3,899 when she first got it. However, a replacement Mac Book would now cost RM5,000.
What is your take on the incident?
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