Malaysia Has One of the Slowest Mobile 4G Speed, Whereas Singapore is Ranked Number One Globally

Source: Tenor There are many things Malaysians complain about, mobile internet was rarely part of the conversation until now. Apparently, based on this report, our 4G mobile internet service in the country is way below global standard! Unbelievable!  According to State of LTE report by OpenSignal, a company that specializes in wireless coverage mapping based in the United Kingdom, Malaysia’s 4G mobile internet services are among the slowest in the world. The report covered 88 countries across the globe and ranked each nation in accordance with their mobile internet speed. According to the report, our mobile speed is 14.83 megabytes per second and that put us at the bottom 20 in the 88 list. To put things into perspective, Singapore, which holds the number one spot, has a speed of 44.31 Mbps. That’s more than three times faster than our speed. Netherlands, Norway, and South Korea fall short behind Singapore on the list. Source: opensignal Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar and Cambodia also have a higher speed than us with 21.49 Mbps, 17.48 Mbps, 15.56 Mbps and 13.90 Mbps respectively, whereas other Southeast Asia counterparts are at the bottom of the list. India is ranked at the last spot with 6.07 Mbps.

Southeast Asia Mobile Internet Speed:

  1. Singapore: 44.31 Mbps | #1/88
  2. Vietnam: 21.49 Mbps | #46/88
  3. Brunei: 17.48 Mbps | #57/88
  4. Myanmar: 15.56 Mbps | #67/88
  5. Malaysia: 14.83 Mbps | #70/88
  6. Cambodia: 13.90 Mbps | #75/88
  7. Thailand: 9.60 Mbps | #84/88
  8. Philippines: 9.49 Mbps | #85/88
  9. Indonesia: 8.92 Mbps | #86/88
Although our 4G speed couldn’t compete with other countries, our speed has definitely improved over the years. In 2016, our speed stood at 14.17 Mbps; in 2017, it’s 14.35 Mbps. Improvement nonetheless!  While the top-performing countries are almost hitting the 45 Mbps speed, it’s reported that the growth seems to have come to a stop. “The fastest LTE speeds seem to have hit a plateau at around 45 Mbps. For the last several global reports, we’ve failed to see any sizable increase in 4G speeds among the top performing countries, and the Holy Grail of 50 Mbps remains just as elusive,” it wrote in the report. Well, we hope we can catch up soon! Maxis, Digi, Celcom, U Mobile… please don’t disappoint us no more.

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