Malaysia : 'Pay RM100 or Get a RM300 Saman', Officer Caught Asking For Bribe

Video of traffic policeman asking for bribe goes viral on social media

Bribing is sadly, no taboo here in Malaysia as many often resort to slipping some money ‘under the table’ to get out of trouble- more commonly, to get out of getting fined for traffic.

However, as ‘normal’ as bribing is here in Malaysia, many are standing together in the fight against the dishonourable act.

[caption id="attachment_9745" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Dubbed by many as 'Kopi-O Money', bribing is sadly a common thing here in Malaysia Dubbed by many as ‘Kopi-O Money’, bribing is sadly a common thing here in Malaysia[/caption]

A video showing a traffic police asking for a bribe from a motorist has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place after a traffic policeman stopped a motorist by the shoulder of the road for allegedly making a traffic offense.

[caption id="attachment_9746" align="aligncenter" width="429"]The traffic policeman asked the motorist to stop by the shoulder of the road after he allegedly made a traffic offense The traffic policeman asked the motorist to stop by the shoulder of the road after he allegedly made a traffic offense[/caption]

The 3-minute-long video showed the motorist, a man believed to be in his 30s, trying to persuade the traffic policeman to give him ‘one more chance’, and let him off the hook.

After conversing back and forth, the traffic policeman asks for a sum of money to be shared among his two other colleagues in exchange for the motorist to be ‘excused’ from the fine.

Initially, the motorist offered RM50 to avoid getting fined, but the bribe was turned down by the traffic policeman who wanted RM100 instead.

After a short heckle of a conversation, the traffic policeman agreed to settle for a RM60 bribe.

The video has stirred great dissatisfaction and rage among netizens who detested the law enforcer for stooping so low and disregarding his duty to uphold honor and justice, just for a bribe.

Facebook user Gantaeyaku Gōsuto shared his thoughts on the incident, saying that the traffic policeman in question just showed the worth of his integrity.

“At first, he asks for RM100, but only gets RM60. That’s the price of his integrity as a law enforcer”, he said in a comment.

It is unclear where this incident took place, but at the same time, we, among many other Malaysians hope that the necessary parties investigate the matter.

It goes without saying that this incident is a poor display of the substandard law enforcement in Malaysia.

What is your take on the matter of ‘bribing’?

Do let us know.

Originally reported by Suara TV.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Krish

    March 24, 2018 at 12:20

    There are many corrupted traffic police all over in Malaysia. Today morning got pulled over by traffic police at klia2. I have all the documents as stated in the jpj govt website. They told me more documents required. I have shown them the website and they simply say that website is wrong. And they started abusing me and I make calls to my company and then he started threatening me. He took me to police station and about to handcuffed me. Just because for license. They also took my car keys and told me car has been seazed. What the fuck is this the way you treat the foreigners?? You are not only cheating me and also your country. And also he gave me fake summon slip. Without stamp and sign. It’s a crime. He is using govt slip for his own money making. Shame on you. I will never visit Malaysia again and also I don’t recommend anyone to visit.

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