Malaysia PDRM : Security Guards Have No Right To Ask For Or Keep Your IC - Detaining An Identity Card Will Be Fined RM 20 000 & Jailed 3 Years - The Coverage

Malaysia PDRM : Security Guards Have No Right To Ask For Or Keep Your IC – Detaining An Identity Card Will Be Fined RM 20 000 & Jailed 3 Years

The Malaysia PDRM put up a Facebook post on 16 November 2018 verifying that security guards have no right to ask for or keep your IC. As for what should be done by the guards instead, the PDRM wants security companies to find alternatives to record the details of visitors. If a security guard asks for your IC, you can inform them that they are not allowed to do so. But if you’re met by resistance, don’t counter, but call the police or make a report instead.

Can security guards at condominiums and apartments inspect and detain MyKad or identification documents?

This practice is common in stratified and non-stratified residential areas. In reference to the National Registration Regulations 1990, security guards do not have the authority to inspect or detain a visitor’s identity card.

Regulation 7 defines the category of officers who have the power to inspect: “A registration officer, police officer, Customs officer or any member of the armed forces while on sentry or prowler duty and any other officer or class or description of public officer authorised in writing on behalf of the director-general may inspect the identity card of any person.”

Regulation 8A makes it an offence for any unauthorised personnel to detain visitors’ ICs: “Detaining an identity card of another person is an offence. It is punishable under Regulation 25 for any person, not being an officer referred to under subregulation 7(1), to unreasonably detain any identity card other than his own.”


Ini merupakan pegawai-pegawai yang diberikan kuasa untuk memegang atau menyimpan kad pengenalan anda:

1. Pegawai polis
2. Pegawai pendaftaran
3. Pegawai kastam
4. Mana-mana pegawai atau kelas atau pegawai awam yang diberi kuasa oleh ketua pengarah
5. Anggota tentera yang bertugas menjaga dan mengawas

Diingatkan bahawa mana-mana pengawal keselamatan TIDAK MEMPUNYAI KUASA untuk meminta dan menyimpan kad pengenalan anda.

Memegang atau menyimpan kad pengenalan orang lain adalah menjadi satu kesalahan, kecuali bagi pegawai yang diberi kuasa – Peraturan 25, Peraturan-Peraturan Pendaftaran Negara 1990.

Jika disabit kesalahan boleh dipenjara tidak melebihi tiga (3) tahun atau denda tidak melebihi RM20,000 atau kedua-duanya sekali.

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1 Comment

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    November 23, 2018 at 14:34

    Are security guards allowed to retain Driving License.

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