Malaysia: A Photographer Explains Why Chinese & Indians DON’T Deserve To Stay In Malaysia!

“The Chinese and Indian race don’t deserve to live in Malaysia anymore. It’s better if they go somewhere else to live, it’s not good here.” was actually posted by a photographer and social activist, Eddie Putera. However rough he started his Facebook post, it’s not what you think.


When I first read it, I thought to myself, “What is this guy trying to prove here?!?” but as I slowly read, he made a very clear point in the end which I recommend everyone to read.

You can read a small summary at the end of this article but below is as quoted from what he posted,

BANGSA CINA sama INDIA DON’T deserve to live in MALAYSIA anymore. Baik pigi lain tempat duduk. Sini tak bagus.

Masa wa sekolah rendah, wa punya emak suruh wa kawan sama Cina. Sebab dia tau, budak cina rajin baca buku. Wa sekolah sana Batu Road School, dekat dengan Tiong Nam ( Kawasan Cina ), Sentul ( Kawasan India ) dan Kampung Bharu ( Kawasan Melayu ) .

Ramai anak anak cina dalam wa punya kelas. Top 10 students selalu nya anak Cina. So wa punya emak sudah tahu. Kalau wa kawan sama Cina, wa tarak banyak main sangat dalam kelas.

Wa punya emak pun suruh kawan sama India. Sebab dia tahu, wa minat main bola. School team punya captain pun India. So dia tahu kalau wa kawan sama India, petang petang wa mesti tarak pigi pertama complex ( Baru buka masa wa darjah 2 ) lepak.

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Wa punya scout leader berbangsa Sikh. Keshmahinder Singh. Kita selalu hari sabtu bikin aktiviti scout. Tarak pigi mana mana lepak curi rambutan ka apa ka.

Wa lepas university, wa kerja satu computer company. Wa jadi salesman. Wa punya apak manyak marah sebab wa tamau kerja jadi architect. Wa punya taukey sama sales manager Cina. Nama boss busat wa Lim Seng Kok.

Wa punya manager nama Timothy Teoh. Wa tarak gaji, wa makan kamisen saja. Dia orang tarak tengok wa punya Melayu bangsa. Dia orang tengok wa macam satu budak kurus, mau belajar cari makan. Semua kasi ajar.

So, masa tu memang bagus semua bangsa duduk sini Negara. Majority orang Cina bikin wang, kasi ekonomi kita naik tinggi. orang Melayu duduk sana pentadbiran dan make sure Negara Malaysia is managed properly. Orang India pun meniaga, dan provide support to the human resource and also think tank negara.

Semua tarak ada masalah. But that was then.

Sekarang ni ar, manyak ada pening kepala. Budak2 melayu kawan sama sendiri. Budak2 Cina sama orang Cina. Budak budak India pun sama.

Lu tak percaya, lu pigi sana shopping mall tengok. Sudah jarang tengok satu gang 3 bangsa jalan sama sama. And owh, to make it worst, sudah kasi picah itu tempat IT. Orang melayu ada IT mall sendiri. What the puiii™ is this ?

Ada pula Melayu punya gang, pakai baju Merah, pigi sana padang, kasi hantam orang Cina. Pigi kacau tempat Cina meniaga. Apa pasal mau jadi sampai macam ni ?

Melayu sekarang sudah takut tengok itu Church. Diu Nia Seng. Dulu ar, budak Melayu pigi sekolah rendah sudah nampak Salib. Tak percaya tanya budak budak St Johns Institution.

Wa punya adik sana Convent Bukit Nanas sekolah. Dia punya headmistress is a Nun pakai jubah punya. Tapi all of us are still ardent Moslems.

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Melayu sekarang tengok kedai jual babi macam tengok hantu. Itu babi jadi taboo, macam kalau lu kasi bau itu asap babi, lu boleh jadi mati itu macam. Tuhan cakap jangan makan babi, tapi Tuhan tarak cakap, kasi hina babi atau orang makan babi.

So, wa ingat ar, Cina sama India boleh kasi plan mau cari lain tempat duduk la. Semua orang Cina sama India derma sikit wang, beli mana mana tempat dalam dunia, kasi bina satu negara baru. Ini tempat sudah tarak syok la.

You guys don’t deserve to be treated this bad.

And kalau lu orang ingat mau kasi chance Melayu pun chip in, share, tolong la invite wa sama. Wa pun mau pindah. Jom sama sama bikin Negara Baru.

Kita hidup balik sama sama. Wa ingat ar, bukan wa sorang Melayu mau ikut lu orang. Ramai lagi kot yg mau chow.

Eddie makes a good point about the racial harmony in today’s time and age.

He suggested that the both races he pointed out earlier should start collecting funds to buy a “new place in the world” to stay, all because “they don’t deserve to be treated this badly”.

Jokingly adding that if they are willing to allow the Malays a chance to share the cost, they should invite him as he would like to move too.

“Let’s all go together to build this new country and live together in harmony once again. I don’t think I’m the only Malay who wants to join you, many more also want to leave.”

He claimed that racial harmony in the past was much more prevalent than it is now, adding that the Chinese helped make the country’s economy strong while the Malays made sure that the country was managed properly and the Indians, who also engaged in business, provided support to the country’s human resources and think tanks.

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“But that was then. Now things have become a mess with the Malays sticking with the Malays, the Chinese sticking with the Chinese and the Indians also following suit, if you don’t believe me, just go to a shopping mall and you’ll see that it has become a rare sight for all three races to be hanging out together.” he added.

He added that Malays had also become overly sensitive and afraid of Christian churches and restaurants selling pork. Stating, “Malays have become afraid of seeing churches. Before this, Malays who went to primary schools had already been exposed to Christian crosses.

If you don’t believe me, go and ask the kids from Saint John’s Institution. My younger sibling went to Convent Bukit Nanas where the headmistress was a nun dressed in robes. But all of us are still devout Muslims.”

His statements were jokingly funny but at the same with a handful of good truth that really shows us where our society has headed over the years. There isn’t anything political about his post, it may be racially sensitive to some but he isn’t lying about what he speaks.

Kudos to Eddie for speaking out about the serious social issues happening currently now in our country. What do you all think about his statements? Agree or disagree? Let us know and let your friends and family know about this. Cheers!

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