Malaysia Ranked World No 8 in The World For Country With Most Prostitutes

1. Venezuela: 119 sex workers per 10,000 people

2. South Korea: 110 sex workers per 10,000 people

3. Peru: 102 sex workers per 10,000 people

4. Philippines: 85 sex workers per 10,000 people

5. Nigeria: 63 sex workers per 10,000 people

6. China: 60 sex workers per 10,000 people

7. Brazil: 53 sex workers per 10,000 people

8. Malaysia: 52 sex workers per 10,000 people

9. Germany: 49 sex workers per 10,000 people

10. Thailand: 45 sex workers per 10,000 people

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1. Venezuela (119 per 10,000)

BEP/PATRICK GHERDOUSSI/LA PROVENCE Illustration sur la prostitution   Poor economic conditions are the cause here, but then again only 20% of the sex workers here were actually born in the country.

2. South Korea (110 per 10,000)

Korea-prostitutes-12-e1362056652999   It looks like Korea’s economy and music aren’t the only things on the rise. Despite the law’s successes in red-light zones, the country’s sex trade continues to flourish underground.

3. Peru (102 per 10,000)

catherine-door   If they are over 18 years old and register themselves with municipal authorities plus carry a health certificate, women are legally cleared for prostitution.

4. Philippines (85 per 10,000)

4343329-Bored-prostitutes-inside-one-of-the-countless-bars-2   Prostitutes in the country wear “bargirl” ID tags in noticeable places, and are supposed to be regularly tested for STDs.

5. Nigeria (63 per 10,000)

prostitution-960x640   The latest trend in the country: sex tourism market for divorced older western women. And in Lagos, patrons normally buy ‘quickie’ without a bench, mattress or any form of luxury, but only by standing.
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6. China (60 per 10,000)

prostitution-china   It is estimated that prostitution contributes to as much as 5% to the country’s annual GDP despite it being illegal.

7. Brazil (53 per 10,000)

article-2476934-021A2D7E0000044D-350_634x492   Here’s a paradox: The act of prostitution itself (exchanging sex for money) is legal here, however it is illegal to run a brothel or to employ prostitutes in any other way.

8. Malaysia (52 per 10,000)

prostitute   Malaysia has been put by the U.S on the blacklist of countries with the worst cases of human trafficking and human rights abuse, including child prostitution.

9. Germany (49 per 10,000)

[caption id="attachment_1431" align="aligncenter" width="651"]In this picture made Friday, May 8, 2009, Eva (full name not given) poses inside the Artemis brothel in Berlin. Like so many other businesses, Europe's largest legalized prostitution industry is having to adapt to the economic downturn. In response, clubs and brothels are increasingly marketing themselves either as high-class, exclusive spas, or as bargain basements of delight. (AP Photo/Franka Bruns) (AP Photo/Franka Bruns)[/caption]   Organised prostitution here dates back as far as 1200’s AD. Unlike other European Union countries, it is wide spread, organised, and legal here in Germany.

10. Thailand (45 sex workers per 10,000 people)

fish-tank   Here’s the surprise- prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand! However in practice, it is tolerated and partly regulated.   Source : Malaysia Digest , The Ant Daily , Funny Malaysia  Top 10 Malaysia Hottest Babes That is Learning MMA The Most Expensive One Night Stand in Malaysia? Only RM400 to Get A ‘Sugar Baby’ in Malaysia 20 Malaysian Sexual Facts Every Malaysian Should Know  

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