Malaysia RM 6 Pandan Cake Auntie Started An Online War With Teenage Girl Over RM6 Mistake - The Coverage

Malaysia RM 6 Pandan Cake Auntie Started An Online War With Teenage Girl Over RM6 Mistake

An online verbal war happened between a teenage girl and a Malaysian lady, over a small mistake made by the teenage girl when the lady was buying a pandan cake from the store she was working on.


The whole story started when the 16 year old girl gave the wrong cake to the lady, who was purchased it in the store the teenager was working in. When the lady pointed out the mistake, the teenager nonchalantly said ‘okay’ and switched a new cake for her.


Unsatisfied with the service, and insistent that the teenager is out to cheat her of RM6 (the wrong cake given was RM6 cheaper), she took a picture of the girl, and posted the entire incident on Facebook, saying that the girl ‘has a face of an angel, but heart of a devil’.

The post eventually caught the attention of the teenager’s friends, who came to her defence and started shaming her on Facebook. Not wanting any trouble, the girl eventually messaged the lady to stop this incident, but was met with more insults and angry replies.

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She even demanded a public apology from the girl, and if the demand was unanswered, she threatened that she will go to the police and school headmaster to make this issue bigger. Not having a choice, she then did exactly that and posted screenshots of their conversation.

It was then that the issue got viral on Facebook, netizens that felt the girl was bullied came forward and vocally criticised the lady for making such a big fuss out of a small issue, especially on such a young girl who made an honest mistake.


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