MALAYSIA: Sexy Controversial Girl Publicly Revealed Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her, Ended Up Broke Up With Her Boyfriend

The very first live video she did in the Facebook group was making the pudding dessert. However, netizens realized that her intention of doing the live video wasn’t mean to show how to make pudding but show off her bust with sexy dress up. Her acts getting extreme as she started to apply ugly make up or cream on her body to gain more attentions from the public. Netizens did not felt entertained but disgusted with her shameful actions. Thus, she started to be controversial with the name of “Pudding Girl” for her actions on the social media. Recently, she posted her own relationship problem on the Facebook group – KL Chat Group where she claimed that a lady, Hui Wen has been contacting her boyfriend, Sam for quite sometimes. Audrey warned Sam to stop flirting with Hui Wen, but seems like her boyfriend just ignored her enrage. Therefore, Audrey posted the incident with video of Sam and the pictures of Hui Wen on Facebook group. Before she posted up the video of Sam, she posted the third party’s pictures and claimed that Hui Wen messaged Sam saying that she would not live if she didn’t masturbate at least once in a day. Audrey couldn’t stand with their nauseating texts and posted Hui Wen’s pictures on social media. Audrey even claimed that she has a video as proof for what Hui Wen has said to her boyfriend, Sam.

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Not long ago, Hui Wen changed her relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single”, seems like she has been broken up with her boyfriend due to this incident. Audrey is single now!! Guys, it’s your turn now! GO GO GO!  This is the video posted by Audrey on Facebook.                
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