Malaysia: Sunway Student warns the community of a suspected crime syndicate outside the college!

“I had a feeling that he was from some kidnapping syndicate. I ran like mad and reached college safely.” said Marcus Khoo after realizing something may not have seemed right encountering the 50 year old Indian man on his way back to college. Recently, Marcus Khoo had published a post claiming that he had encountered something really odd during his way back to Sunway College on a quiet evening. His post has since garnered concerns for the student’s safety and also suspicions, moreover it has also garnered over 400 shares. 901003-100016-67-B The incident had occurred at about 7:30 in the evening, Marcus stated, I was walking back alone from a mamak(Anwar Maju) near Nadayu residence. I reached college, realizing that I left my student ID. I went back to the restaurant, luckily it was there. Then I continued walking back.” However before reaching the Hopp Restaurant nearby, an Indian man approached Marcus claiming he had his personal belongings such as his bag robbed, moreover he had also allegedly wanted to “pay his bill”. He even showed Marcus his IC and a Maxis Telco bill. The was described to be 50 years of age and that he had a mustache. armed-robbery-attorney-in-orange-county-ca What made it feel out of place was that the bill was registered to some other states, Pahang said Marcus if he wasn’t wrong. Marcus stated, “I felt weird as its 7.30 , there is no maxis shop nearby and he wants to pay his bill. Also it was registered some other states?” Being a good Samaritan, Marcus without a doubt offered his help to look for police authorities. “I immediately run, however I turned back to see if my instinct was right. He was calling someone. Got robbed but with a phone? How possible can you ask a stranger’s help instead of calling up your family/ friends first?” Marcus added.

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1025073 “I had a feeling that he was from some kidnapping syndicate. I ran like mad and reached college safely… I wish that not only sunway students but everyone will be aware of this.Kindly share for a safer community.” Though nothing can be fully confirmed, Marcus does have the rights and claims to be even slightly terrified of even the worse possibilities. He urged the community to be on the look out but most importantly stay safe.

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