Malaysia Sunway University Student Tragically Commits Suicide

Sunway University Student Commits Suicide

12 November – A student tragically fell to her death after committing suicide by jumping off a campus building here in Sunway University.

Social media went into a complete frenzy, debating whether the news of the suicide was true or just a hoax fabricated to incite drama on social media.
However, Sunway College put a saddening end to the debate when they confirmed the incident on their official Facebook page. They released a short statement to confirm the tragedy, confirming the death of a female student who fell to her death. The statement also wrote that authorities are conducting investigations and that further statements would be released should there be any development in the investigation. [caption id="attachment_251" align="aligncenter" width="489"]sunway1 The Facebook post by Sunway University[/caption] A student who happened got a glimpse of what happened was at the third floor windows of the campus building when he saw an object of sorts fall.

By the looks of it, she was prepared, having put on black clothing and footwear. And she never uttered a sound when falling, so you can imagine the dreadful state of mind she was in, being overwhelmed with unbearable emotional pain from the inner world and the need to escape the pain is the only driver of behavior. It was chilling seeing her fall WITHOUT moving at all, motionless.

The student went further and expressed his rage at the disrespect of some students who swarmed around the corpse to snap pictures of the body. It is a disheartening statistical fact that the number of suicide cases among youngsters in Malaysia has increased over the years. Just last year, a student from Taylor’s University committed suicide by also jumping off the campus’s building. As of now, there is no factual rhyme or reason on why the number of suicide cases among youngsters has increased at such a worrying rate. Experts suspect the higher expectation and standards by society and family members on the younger generation, to be the leading cause of suicide among youngsters. Reasons for the suicide could be due to the higher expectation and standards society has on a person. Additionally, the pressure to do well in school as it is a common notion of belief that good grades constitute a brighter future and gives light to a better career. In another study, it was noted that the Chinese topped the list in Malaysia for highest number of suicides.
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