Malaysia : Villagers 'Robbed' Packs After Vico Truck Overturned

Villagers took home packs of Vico after truck carrying the packs of malt beverages overturned Passerbys and motorists ‘helped’ remove and took home bags of Vico which were scattered onto the road after the driver of the trailer lorry carrying the malt beverage packs lost control of the vehicle and skidded off road, flipping the vehicle on its side and pouring out its contents. [caption id="attachment_9749" align="aligncenter" width="817"]1 Villagers helping themselves to the bags of Vico[/caption] Now, instead of helping out, many passerbys who saw the scattered Vico packets all over the floor rushed at the opportunity and took home with them multiple packs of the popular malt beverage despite the orders of policemen on scene who told them to not to. [caption id="attachment_9750" align="aligncenter" width="815"]2 A cluttered mess : Packs of the malt beverage were scattered all over the ground[/caption] Photos of passerbys and bystanders grabbing multiple bags of Vico home, have gone viral on social media after it began circulating online. Many netizens who viewed the photo on Facebook expressed their rage and criticised the opportunity-grabbing bystanders for taking advantage of the moment to steal the packs of Vico. 3 Kuala Selangor police chief Supt Roslan Abdullah said the accident occurred at some time around 5.00am on Thursday, but both the lorry driver and the co-driver walked away with minor injuries. “As the Vico packs were thrown and scattered all over the place, on the road, in the drain and even near the oil palm plantation, they were picked up by passersby and passing motorists,” he said in a statement here. What is your take on the incident? Do let us know!

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