Malaysia : Woman Shocked To Find Out That She Died Six Years Ago

‘Sorry, you died six years ago’ Imagine walking up to someone one day and finding out that you’ve been dead. One woman didn’t have to imagine the scenario in her head, after she was told that she had died years ago. [caption id="attachment_9759" align="aligncenter" width="425"]ts The woman was told that she had ‘died six years ago’.[/caption] The 46-year-old woman was given the shock of a life after she found out she supposedly died six years ago, having been burnt to death. “I did not crawl out of my grave!” V.Paramesvary was quoted as saying in Harian Metro. She found out about her “death” when her son S.K Nadesen, 25, tried to apply for a passport for her at the Immigration Department last month so he could take her to Singapore for medical treatment. An immigration officer then told her that there was a problem with her MyKad. In an effort to resolve the ‘problem’, they mother and son later went to the National Registration Department, only to find out that she has been considered deceased since 2010. “I was shocked when they told me that I have been dead since 2010,” she said, adding that even a death certificate had apparently been issued, listing the cause of death. The department’s records stated that the woman was declared clinically dead in Kedah back in 2010, and a separate certificate had also been issued stating that she has been buried in a Hindu cemetery in the state. The shocked mother and son have filed a report here at the Putrajaya police station requesting for the matter to be resolved and for the people responsible for her ‘death’ to be punished.

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What is your take on the matter? What would you have done if someone told you that you were dead for years? Let us know!   Originally reported by The Star

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