Malaysian Beware : Foreign Paedophiles Are Increasingly Targeting Malaysian Kids For Their Perverted Adventures – Demand Is Surging & Syndicates Are Constantly Hunting

“We need to realise there is a great demand for children in the sex trade. Refugees are especially vulnerable.” Fernandez described how a 16-year-old Bangladeshi boy was brought into the country, ostensibly to work, but was forced into homosexual prostitution. “He had to have sex with multiple men. After four years, he was of no more use to the syndicate so they extracted one of his kidneys and dumped him in the gutter. We took him into our shelter but he was mentally gone. “Malaysians are not asking themselves questions when they see a young boy or girl with an older, perhaps foreign man. Instead of reporting it, they prefer to just pass by,” said Fernandez. “That makes our cities happy places for traffickers, pimps and paedophiles.” Areas of Kuala Lumpur where predators prowl are Bukit Bintang, Brickfields, Central Market and Ampang. Tenaganita learned from locals in those areas that young boys and girls are picked up in cars late in the evening and dropped back off in the morning. Many of the children are given drugs to keep them compliant, and become hooked. Some are groomed for cyber-sex. “We spoke to a girl aged about nine. She told us she doesn’t have to do anything but pose for pictures with her panties on or off. “It was so sad to hear her talk as she had no idea what was going on,” Fernandez said. “All she knew was she was given good food.” When Tenaganita asked the girl about her parents, she replied that they had given her to an “uncle” who promised he would take care of her. Sometimes he told her to pose in return for food. Fernandez said the Malaysian public could be “quite innocent”, assuming that everything is fine and above-board, and that the children they see on the street are being looked after by someone. Tenaganita carried out a study around Chow Kit, a thriving red light area in Kuala Lumpur. Men were asked why they were looking for sex with minors. Of the men who answered, many said they were no longer satisfied with their wives and were on the lookout for someone younger. Fernandez appealed to Malaysians to report any suspicious incidents using the “Be My Protector” app, developed locally to combat human and sex trafficking in the country. Anyone can use the app to report suspicious incidents, anonymously if they prefer. All reports will be followed up by qualified Tenaganita case workers. In just nine months, the app has seen over 300 reports of sexual exploitation, forced labour and people smuggling. Source : FMT Paedophilia is defined as an adult’s intense and ongoing sexual orientation with children, generally age 13 or younger, both boys and girls. There is a higher number of men with paedophilia than women. People usually confuse paedophilia with child molestation. While child molesters are defined by their acts, paedophiles are characterised by their desire. It is scientifically estimated that about half of confirmed child molesters are not in fact sexually attracted to their victims.
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