Malaysian 'Casanova' Cons Woman's Mother Out Of RM91,000 And Leaves Her Pregnant - The Coverage

Malaysian ‘Casanova’ Cons Woman’s Mother Out Of RM91,000 And Leaves Her Pregnant

This is so sad, ladies, please be careful of whoever you meet online! Fraudsters who trick women into relationships and then wringing them dry from their money used to only do it behind the computer or phone screen. But they are getting more balls to do things like this as they’re actually meeting and living with their victims!

A victim of a syndicate, Vanessa Ho from Simpang Renggam, Johor shared her encounter with a ‘casanova’ over the past year.

Ho met the 40-year-old man known as Looi through a mobile phone app and allegedly moved to Kuala Lumpur with him last February. A month later, she found out she was pregnant and the man promised to marry her as soon as possible and things were going well.

Source: Independent

However, things took a turn for the worst when he claimed he was facing financial difficulties in April. He allegedly approached Ho’s 74-year-old mother for help and managed to get RM76,000 from her.

It was reported that Looi later asked Ho to move back to Johor and took her mother’s ATM card to withdraw a further RM15,000!!

Apparently, Looi issued a couple of cheques to “return” the money to Ho’s mother but when they bounced, he allegedly gave her lots of excuses, before disappearing four days after the couple’s daughter was born in December.

Ho said at a press conference in Wisma MCA on Thursday, January 25,

“I always suspected he may not be trustworthy, but when I wanted to break up with him, I found out I was already pregnant.”

She added that she later received a visit from debt collectors who claimed that Looi owed them RM215,000. Adding that the debt collectors revealed that the man had also used the addresses of two other women in Penang and Johor for his loans.

Ho, who wants to prevent more victims from being duped by his charms said,

“However, my mother still believes that he will come back and return her money.”

According to The Star, MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said the modus operandi of “Casanovas” was to strike up friendships with women and reel them in by telling them sad life stories.

He added that he had to deal with 20 similar cases last year,

“I want ladies to be careful of all these sweet talkers. We have received similar complaints from three ladies this month.”

Ladies, please be careful of who you make friends with online! Many ill-intentioned people are lurking around social media. There are far more opportunities of meeting your fated one outside of social media! 

Ho’s mom, I’m sorry, many of us don’t think Looi is such a good person to be returning your money. He is a part of a syndicate to ‘steal’ money from innocent and kind-hearted people like yourself. You are a nice lady with a great heart, God bless your soul, but you have to accept the fact that your money is gone.

(Source: The Star)

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