This Malaysian Chinese Girl Was A Top SPM Student But Rejected By JPA Scholarship

Meet Dr. Lam Shu Jie, a 27-year-old ‘Malaysian’ scientist who discovered a possible solution to cure Superbug infections. But sadly, Australia seems to be more proud of her than Malaysia. According to World Of Buzz, recently a Facebook user, Bhagat Singh Nejar lamented about how Malaysia has lost yet another talent to foreign countries. Apparently, Dr. Shu Jie was one of top SPM student but failed to get our government JPA scholarship to continue her undergraduate degree. But things got better when she went to Australia to complete her degree there, said Bhagat. With her excellent results from Melbourne University, she got the scholarship from the Australian government to further her postgraduate master degree.  In addition, with a sponsorship and funds for her research, her excellent research dissertation was noted even during the first year of her PhD study. Besides that, Dr. Shu Jie got the amazing recognition she deserved with her breakthrough research in the cure for the superbug infection while in Melbourne University. Not only is she recognized by the Australian government, even China took note of her epic contribution to the medical industry. She even made headlines in several international portals, according to Bhagat. Recently, China has awarded her the illustrious ‘Young Overseas Chinese Award’ in Beijing.  China’s Health Minister Gao Qiang personally handed the coveted award to her. Currently, China, Australia and Singapore government and Universities are fighting to recruit her at their research centre respectively. “Many believe her quality research work will have massive global impact. She has the potential to win a Nobel Prize in future! “I wonder why Malaysia isn’t doing anything to rope her back?”, said Bhagat One netizen expressed her sadness as she said, “We have so many amazing ‘Malaysians’ that we are extremely proud of but where are they? Cassandra Hsui, Lim Jia Yi, James Wan, Lam Shu Jie, etc. “These are all names we will proudly call Malaysian but are barely Malaysians anymore as they bring their talents to other countries.

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