Malaysian DJ Rachel B Puts Syndicate On Blast For Attempting To Scam Her For Filming A Scandal Video With Another Guy

Source: Facebook Rachel took to Facebook on September 24 to share how she was almost scammed by syndicate pretending to be Hong Kong and Macau ‘SunCity Group CEO & Agents. She wrote in her post,

“In the beginning, there were 2 women, Samantha and Mandy approached me to ask if I’m available for international gigs in Galaxy Macau. Samantha acted as an agent & Mandy acted as a friend of the boss saying ‘do not negotiate or deal with Samantha, reason being is that she will get a higher commission from the gigs’.”
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Mandy tried to convince Rachel to directly negotiate with the boss (Kenny) through WeChat messaging application as she has his contact.
Source: FB Source: FB Source: FB Source: FB Source: FB Source: FB After adding Kenny on WeChat, the two of them had a conversation through WeChat voice call. Kenny claims to be a shareholder, Director, and close friend of Alvin Chau (the real CEO of SunCity Group). He also claimed that he is the business partner of Alvin Chau for many years, trying to convince Rachel to believe that they had achieved many casinos, property, and hotels in Macau.
“In the voice call with Kenny, he said he will arrange his manager in charge to arrange the gigs and more details regarding the dates and T&C with me soon. Before our first call ended, he said he is willing to give me extra RM100,000 a month and also will buy me cars and house in exchange for filming a scandal video with another guy and not to let anyone know other than him.”
Five hours after their conversation, Rachel began to feel something was amiss as the offer seems too good to be true and her instinct tells her that it’s a scam. But she decided to play along to see what’s their intention.
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“He asked me to go to HSBC to open up a personal banking account and he will instantly transfer RM100,000 on Monday as soon as I get my banking account done. He added saying that I shall fly to Singapore to open a Singapore banking account and he will transfer me another SGD200,000 (RM606,300).”
Source: FB Source: FB Source: FB In addition, Kenny even asked Rachel to be his girlfriend to gain her trust to do explicit acts and to open up the banking accounts.
“They really think that I’m so easy to get hooked up and trap with all the money and fame, isn’t it?”
Rachel then decided to share this out as she doesn’t want other female DJs falling victim to this syndicate, she noted that she might be in danger after revealing this, but she just wants to alert the public. Good of Rachel to realize their scam before she could fall victim to it. Do not trust anyone on the internet until you’ve met them face to face and determine for yourself if they can be trusted or not. Stay safe, guys! If you wish to listen to the voice clips of their conversation, here it is! But keep in mind, it is in Cantonese. [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]   (Source: Facebook)

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