Old Malaysian Feng Shui Master Cheated By Young Girl! He Loses RM 400,000 For The Girl?! - The Coverage

Old Malaysian Feng Shui Master Cheated By Young Girl! He Loses RM 400,000 For The Girl?!

Just when 2016 is about to end, here comes a big news!

A Malaysian girl Gan Ling Yang posted on Facebook about an old man cheated by his goddaughter. The goddaughter approached him, lure him, have sex with him and at the end, she cheated all his money, around 400k!

See the conversation between them!

“Yesterday when you touch my hand, I have the desire to… I’ve been masturbating for 2 days…”

“Does this mean I’m very lustful?”

They even took pictures together often! By the way, the girl actually looks good…

They even dare to do such things! Too romantic aren’t they…

According to a source, the girl even did plastic surgery before!

Netizens are quick to realize, that this old man is a Feng Shui master! He even released Feng Shui books before!

He was quite good looking when he’s young.

This is when the girl became the old man’s goddaughter! Dramatic!

They even celebrated the birthday together. She follows him to travel around the world too.

I think they exchanged rings as well.


Even so, Gan claims that this girl cheated the old man. She has been blackmailing this old man, to get the money! However, netizens think that the old man has fault too. He himself is lustful, no one forced him into this.

They even found the Facebook account of these two! Amazing netizens…

Apparently, this couldn’t be the fault of one side. They both are in fault. What do you think?





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  2. Angela

    February 19, 2019 at 03:57

    Feng Shui is a learned skill, just like being a doctor. Both are able to perform miracles. But neither study require one to be a good person! It is only if you can see the Feng Shui master has taken deep Buddhist vows that we could expect more appropriate choices for conduct. Taoism itself has a long history of old men going after young girls to gain their jing! If they are good to and with one another then at least it is only awkward for us onlookers. Let us wish them all the best.

  3. Leong

    August 7, 2019 at 12:47

    He should be glad the escapade is only 400K – at least he’s now (hopefully) a little wiser. Being a “Feng Shui master?” – he’d most likely seen this coming. Nevertheless, it must have been an expensive lesson at his age – Ouch!!

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